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Benefits Versus Features Selling - Marketing Teardown

Benefits Versus Features Selling – Marketing Teardown

I had some fun helping a fellow entrepreneur better positioning and come up with marketing ideas for his company and product.

His product (according to him) does not have a digital marketing presence. I told him, that’s alright. I’ll see if I can value add with my SEO and marketing knowledge.

The Marketing Teardown:

Sean runs a technological driven company, that offer features such as:

  • Keeping within regulatory laws
  • Monthly pricing model
  • Lower initial outlay
  • Ability to reduce manpower
  • Automated systems

These are features of the product and service. However, you’ll need to better position your product, understand the language and psychology of the audience.


  • Keeping within regulatory laws > Benefits: Zero complaints > Zero fines > Save cost
  • Monthly pricing model > Benefits: Lower costs, more accountability
  • Lower initial outlay > Benefits: Lower costs
  • Better technology > Benefits: Keep pool users safe, complaint free, lowering costs from zero fines in the long run
  • Reducing manpower > Benefits: Lowering costs

If you run a company and offer products or services, can you think of ways to include benefits in your marketing process?

I cover these concepts as a value add as an SEO consultant, and in my SEO courses.

The Concept of Burning Pains

Lastly, it’s important to ask yourself, what kind of burning pains are you solving for the customer? If you go to a doctor, the burning pain would be literally a physical burning for yourself. When you’re in pain, you’re most likely be willing to pay any amount to get your pain solved.

Even though Sean’s company was a highly technologically driven company. He has to position is product in a way that solves a burning pain with his target market. That can come in the form of time, convenience, cost, social status, security and safety.

How can you position your product to solve burning pains?

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