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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits – What Clients Are Willing To Pay For

Okay, you’ve done your on page SEO, you’ve built your backlinks, you’re now driving traffic to your precious website. However, what’s next? How can you convert those traffic to paying clients?

Every product or service you sell contains both features and benefits. Features are the what of your product. They are factual descriptions of what your product contains. Benefits are the ‘WHY’, the actual result from your customers get from your product and its feature.

Not only this marketing strategy can be used to convert your exist traffic to clients, you should use it to improve what you publish on your site as well. Features are boring. Benefits are exciting. This way, your audience will be more engaged, hence spending more time on your site, leading to higher SEO rankings.

Features Versus Benefits

Here are some features of my SEO course:

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Business positioning
  • 2 days long
  • Personalized coaching

Compare this to the benefits of my SEO Courses:

  • Rank higher on Google
  • Get your best content optimized to increase traffic
  • Get paying clients with market position strategies
  • Get consistent leads through Google
  • Get personalized coaching so that you’re guaranteed success

Features is what your product is made up of and both are equally important. Your product or service is most likely to have multiple features and benefits, although some will be more relevant to your customers than others.

You can get ideas about features from services around you, such as Fed Ex delivery. Whilst features are important for clients to know what you product or service is about, benefits are what ultimately drive someone to purchase. Ultimately, prospects don’t care about you or your product. They care about: ‘what’s in it for me?’.

The benefit of hiring an SEO consultant isn’t to get higher traffic for your site, it’s to get consistent paying clients through Google. The benefit of a weight loss program isn’t the lose weight, it’s the fit into their jeans someone bought 2 years ago. The benefit of a financial literacy course isn’t to be smart handling money; it is to get rich.

This isn’t just limited to the services industry. People pay for luxury hotels and access to high end gyms to be pampered. People purchase high end luxury goods such as cars and Mercedes to impress others.

Having Both Features & Benefits in Your Copy

When you address both features and benefits in your articles and your sales page, you’ll be much more engaging to your readers. This philosophy can be applied across your titles, meta descriptions, sales copy and etc.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve been using this marketing strategy for the recent articles I published on my site.

How to Zoom in on Benefits

This is why I love psychology when it comes to marketing and SEO. The majority of people think SEO is about buying links or technical optimization. However, SEO is about writing in depth content that addresses your audience psyche. There’s a good amount psychology involved.

Have you ever come across a weight loss article that just goes on and on and on about technical information without ever telling you how it’s going to help you? What if wrote a philosophical essay on the art of SEO describing the history of SEO and how Google was formed and etc.

Well, if you’re an SEO junkie, you might be interested.

However, the majority of people, my students and my clients are looking to resolve their primary desires. When I picked up SEO, I wasn’t looking to ‘improve my cognitive abilities or computing skillsets’, I was looking to increase traffic in my website so I can get clients… to get cash in my pocket and (hopefully) one day be rich.

This is a primary desire. 

Primary Desires Versus Secondary Desires

When a consumer purchases something, he’s purchasing an innate need that he desires day after day. These are primary desires

  • Relationship advice = get laid and have sex
  • Financial advice = Get rich and impress friends
  • SEO advice = Outsmart competitors, get more clients and impress others

If you looked at Maslow hierarchy of needs, our basic needs consist of food, security, money impressing others and sex. These forms our our primary desires day after day. If you didn’t have money, or shelter over your head, you wouldn’t be thinking about relationships. If you didn’t have food to eat, you wouldn’t be thinking about impressing others.

Now, what most marketers do wrong is they market secondary desires. I made this make early on in my entrepreneurial career.

  • Relationship advice = become your better self
  • Money advice = become more financially literate
  • SEO training = get visibility on Google

These are secondary desires that if your primary desires aren’t fulfilled, you wouldn’t be thinking about it day after day.

Something I learned along my entrepreneurial path is that you meet where the market is at, and you don’t meet them where you’re at. I once started a personal development project and genuinely wanted to help people become their best self. However, I realized I wasn’t speaking to their desires.

These people want better careers, better relationships and increase in their salary. They don’t really want to be their best selves. You got to give you audience what they want, and then what they need.  

No, this isn’t unethical marketing.

Unethical marketing is over promising and under delivering. You’re not doing that. You’re merely breaking down what works for marketing.

Unfortunately, the majority of ‘internet marketing gurus’ end up in that slate. I don’t intend to be one of them. This is why I don’t promise Google rankings, however, I’ll show you my portfolio, my accomplishments for myself and other clients.

If you know what you’re selling or providing is going to help a business or a client better than you competitors can, you should be attempting your best to market it to them.

People are going to buy because of your products benefits, you’ll also have to understand the difference between primary desires, and secondary desires.

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