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Focus On One for Your First 6 Months - The Rest is Noise 01

Focus On One for Your First 6 Months – The Rest is Noise

The majority of entrepreneurs attempt to do everything at one go. This is especially when it comes to digital marketing. I always tell my clients and students as an SEO consultant, you should always only focus on ONE keyword to rank for in your first 6 months.

This is to prevent tactical marketing hell.

Focus On One for Your First 6 Months - The Rest is Noise

Mindset: Focus On One

When it comes to search engine keywords, you should only focus on a slightly easier keyword.

This is accomplished by frontloading your work and doing your research way before hand.

Through researching and laying your keywords on a spread sheet, you can determine which keywords are duplicates, which one are easier to target, and which ones to target 6 months down the road.

Here’s my advice for starting out entrepreneurs:

  • Focus on one commercial keyword

That’s it. You should not be greedy and try to target all keywords at a go. I made that mistake, and didn’t get any keywords ranked after months. 

Dive Deep: The Different Aspects of Digital Marketing 

Secondly, there’s a lot to learn just by optimizing one web page. When people come to your site, how many of them convert into leads or customers?

This is simply understood with these 2 topics, that are highly related to digital marketing:

  • Positioning

Positioning is what the market thinks of you and how you compare to the loads of other choices in the market.

  • Copywriting

Copywriting is the ability to take positioning, and accentuate it out in words in your web page.

I teach both of these in my SEO course, that’s how I position myself against all other digital marketing firms and SEO companies.

Last Words

Lastly, I’ll just like to remind you, focus on ranking ONE commercially valuable keyword for your first 6 months.

  • Track your conversions
  • Optimize your conversions
  • Write better copy, come out with a better positioning

The rest is just noise.

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