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Getting into Your Customer's Head

Getting into Your Customer’s Head and Write Copy That Sells

In business, half of the battle is won if you front load your work, plan for your ideal customer and tailor your business strategy and content towards a willing paying customer.

This way, you can tailor your brand, positioning and content to your ideal client and not waste months of effort creating content or providing services that plainly isn’t going to sell.

How to Create Services That Sells

You see, business is about finding people who:

  • Know they have a problem
  • Have the willingness pay

That’s extremely important.

I made a mistake in my first business. I started a dating coaching website. I wanted to help both men and women build social skills so they are able to get their ideal mate in life. However, there’s a difference between wanting relationship advice, and actually desiring to pay for coaching.

Here are some statistics for you to chew on:

How to Get into Your Customer Heads and Create Services That Sells

You see, relationship advice is highly demanded in Singapore. However, are people willing to pay for advice? Plain no. No matter how good your marketing or SEO is, people aren’t going to pay. It’s as simple as that. Just so you know, I’m dominating the SEO rankings for this niche. I was aware of the demand prior to this, hence, I consider this a passion project.

You see, business is all about supply, and demand. Everyone has tons of ideas, however, ideas alone don’t sell.

Let’s say, I want to teach people about SEO. I can teach artists, personal trainers to market themselves. I can help small business use SEO to market their services.

However, what’s the underlying point of your service?

Who needs SEO and who’s willing to pay for it? Is your customer willing fork out cold hard cash to solve that problem? Do most people even think what ‘SEO’ is about? Or are they mostly people who think ‘this should be free and a no brainer?’

How about business owners and freelance personal trainers? Do they have extra money to pay you? How many business owners and personal trainers out there are willing and able to pay for my SEO services?

One of the ways is to get into your customer’s head before you even launch a business. This can be done by creating a simple template, addressing your customer profile.

To give you a kick start here’s mine:

Getting into Your Customer’s Head: Your Customer Profile

Getting into Your Customer Head 02

Established small medium enterprises owners and staff in Singapore that whose products and services have a clear demand on Google. They either require an SEO consultant or are looking to train their staff on SEO. They must also have the ability to pay. This is why I wrote: established. I know that most starting entrepreneurs aren’t willing or able to invest in their marketing systems.

Hopes & Dreams

What are their goals? What do they hope to achieve? What will happen once they reach their goals? How will their life change?

  • Endless clients through SEO
  • Let leads flow in organically through SEO
  • They get to pick their customers
  • Have a robust digital marketing system working for them

Pain Points

What are the current challenges they face? What is getting in their way of reaching their goals? What are they afraid of if they don’t achieve their goals?

  • Poor sales
  • Lack of clients
  • Competitors using SEO as a strategy and they feel they are lagging behind
  • The serve poor quality customers because they don’t have a choice

Barriers & Uncertainty

What’s stopping them from buying from you?

  • I don’t have a background in IT, will it work?
  • Is SEO a scam?
  • Will my rankings fall after I stop engaging you?
  • How long will SEO work?
  • Can you guarantee SEO rankings?
  • You’re too young to start a business, why should I trust you?

What types of content do these people want to consume?

So, one popular way to do market research is to speak to real people, your potential customers, your old customers or people where your target market hangs out. Forums are a great way to spend your time doing market research.

You can go to blogs where there is user engagement, and see what these people are typing in the comment sections. You can go on IT, dating advice forums, fitness, lifestyle forums, Quora, Facebook and participate in actual conversations that people are having.

What Unique Expertise do Your Offer?

Next, how can you match your expertise to your audience needs?

I’m not just a freelance web designer or an SEO consultant. That wasn’t the way I wanted to position myself. I know that the SEO market undercuts one and another. Here’s what I tell my clients: I not only can help you get more targeted traffic using SEO, I can help you publish more persuasive content on your site and help you position yourself better in your market to get your targeted client.

Take Some time to Answer These Questions for Yourself

  • Why do so many people focus on their services (supply)…but neglect the market (demand)? Your three best guesses here.
  • What’s one example of what we talked about today: an entirely me- focused business offering?
  • How can you apply the principles of today’s lesson to your own business? You should get really specific.

Okay, now, after reading this. You can say: ‘This is interesting’, and not adjust your service to fit the market, or you can sit-down, carefully, re-adjust your ideas based on research, so you’re targeting customers who know they have a problem and have a willingness to pay.

Pro Tip: One of the best ways to test if there’s demand for your service, is to plop in your service into the keyword planner. I wrote about this in the how to validate your business idea post. However, that’s just one of the many ways, and it doesn’t go in-depth into your customer profile such as age, occupation, willingness to pay, current lifestyle, pain points and more.

This is why I stress, SEO isn’t enough. You need to get into your customer’s head tailor your content and services to fit your customer profile.

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