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Grey Hat SEO Technique 05

The Secret Grey Hat SEO Technique to Outrank Everyone

There are two types of links, there are internal links that you can build for yourself on the website itself, and there are backlinks that are achieve through link building strategies. So far, I’ve been writing about building backlinks from other bloggers and websites.

In this ‘Grey hat’ technique, it’s about controlling your internal links to help you rank your desired post and pages and posts higher. It’s commonly known as page rank sculpting in the SEO world.

Why isn’t this ‘white hat’ though? You might ask. Well, that’s because you are controlling and manipulating how links flow in your website. 1) You’re controlling the anchor text. 2) You’re controlling what page or post you want to point the link to.

Needless to say, Google has stated the importance of internal linking, and has also wanted you to ‘page rank sculpt’ to your more important pages.

Internal links are helpful in informing Google which page is the page that’s going to ‘bring in the sales’ or the page that offers the service you’re selling on your website.

Before we go into all that good stuff, let’s take a look at what internal links essentially do for a site.

Internal links help determine these things in a website:

  • They help users to navigate a website
  • They help establish information hierarchy for the given website
  • They help spread link juice (page rank or authority) on the website

So, what the hell is page rank or ‘authority’?

So First! How does Authority flow within a Website?

Google places different ‘levels’ of page rank/ authority on certain pages higher than the other.

Site Architcture

Firstly, You got make sure the links, post and pages your website flows cohesively, has it’s categories named and has the more important main pages at the ‘top’ and less important pages as the ‘branches’ of your website.

There’s an architectural process where internal page authority decreases as it goes down.

Well, home pages, services pages often are deemed as the highest authority by Google. Lesser web pages such as blog posts or product pages have less authority.

How does this help us?

  • Firstly it helps us in determining our keywords placement during our keyword research phase: shorter tailed keywords with commercial intent ideally should be on home pages or important pages with higher authority

For Eg. Our SEO Services in Singapore page is strategically placed as one of the pages with higher authority

  • Having an eye-pleasing website with an easy navigation and structure will also encourage users to spend more time on the website. This increases time spent, bounce rate on the website, which are SEO ranking factors.
User Experience Bad

How not to design a website

Case Study:

Now, let’s take a look the case study: One of another website that I personally launched and own.

I created a business around the dating advice niche. My service revolved around coaching men in Singapore, bringing them out to bar and clubs, teaching them social skills on how to communicate with girls.

So what were the keywords I had to rank for?

  1. Singapore Dating Coach
  2. Singapore Pick Up Artist
Grey Hat Technique

Website Name:

Using this technique, I managed to outrank majority of my competitors completely without do follow backlinks, within 4 months of launching my website.

Now, as you can see, I defined my money pages as the pages: ‘dating coach’ and ‘pick up artist’.

Why so? These are keywords that my potential customers are searching for when looking for information or services regarding getting good with girls. Those are the pages that will ideally bring in sales for my business.

So how did I do all of that?

The Secret Kung Fu Grey Hat Technique

Okay, now let’s look at how to strategically internal link from within your site. The one secret grey hat technique I use to outrank my competitors with 3-4 months of launching a brand new site.

  • Step 1: 

Firstly, you got to define your ‘money page’. It is the page that you’re writing content around a supposedly hard to rank for keyword with commercial intent, that will bring sales to your website.

This is normally the page where you offer your products or services. For us, it’s our SEO services page, freelance web designer page, SEO courses page and etc.

  • Step 2:

The second step is to point your internal links from your blog, or other pages on the website to the ‘money pages’ in your website. This distributes ‘link juice’ from your backlinks from from guest posting, social media links, upwards towards your money pages!

Page Rank Flow

This is the best image I can find from the internet

Closing Thoughts

Understanding how page rank flows from outside your website into your website from individual blog posts and pages (site architecture and internal linking), and then up to your “money site article” will help you “plan out” your page rank flow and which pages or posts on your site that you want rank higher on Google.

Stop internal linking like a blind person and start thinking of links as a voting system that distributes power across your website.

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