Guest Blog on SEO and Digital Marketing

I noticed that there isn’t much of a guest writing or guest blogging culture here in Singapore. I’ll be one of the rare ones that start the ball rolling. 

Guest Blog and Contribute on SEO and Digital Marketing, Topics You Can Guest Write On:

Here are the topics I write myself on this site that I’ll be happy for you to contribute on:

1) Search Engine Optimization
2) Digital Marketing
3) Copywriting
4) Entrepreneurship

What I’m Looking for?

  • Quality of Content 

I’m looking for the quality of content. It doesn’t have be as long as your University thesis. It’s the quality that matters.

  • Simplicity of Language

I’m also looking for simplicity of language. The best copywriters in the world write words that can be conversed over a bar setting.

  • Your Backlinks

I’m an SEO consultant, I know what works and what doesn’t. Google doesn’t like unnatural links. I do not mind anchor texted links, however, do make sure your articles are linked naturally to your site.

How to Contribute?  

It’s simple, email me your pitches and articles:

No, I do not sell links.