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How to Commit to Making Your Business Profitable 02

How to Commit to Making Your Business Profitable

I remembered deleting my project because of the quality of content produced at that point of time.

However, in hindsight, I could have merely pivoted from there, and not deleted the whole frigging project! If I had merely pivoted then, I would have had my commercial keywords such as SEO course and SEO consultant ranked by now.

Time Line of How Long I Took

How to COMMIT to Making Your Business Profitable

Started: June 2016
Deleted Everything: Somewhere Inbetween
Starting Optimizing Again: October 2017

If I had persisted, and commited to starting this digital marketing course company in June 2016, I would have had far more progress January 2017. Instead, I freaked out, deleted everything, and called it a day.

It took me years and years, to be confident of myself and commit to making it in a project. It takes approximately 6 months to see results in SEO. Can you commit to the 6 months without backtracking?

This is why the psychology of growing your business is equally, and if not MORE important than tactics and strategies.

Execution is more Important than Knowledge: 

Here’s what many people say on a day to day life:

‘I SHOULD ask her out’
‘I SHOULD open an investment account’
‘I SHOULD start a business’
‘I SHOULD be practicing my accounting homework’

Courage and willpower are limited. Human motivation is a fascinating topic.

‘Just putting your mind’ to it is stupid fvcking advice. It’s hard to perform in what you’re not interested in.

However, assuming you are working on something your interested in. 

How do Your Friends Perceive You?

The people around you make and break your life, in every single aspect.

It’s simply not enough to read the books. Your identity, habits will be very much influenced by people you associate yourself with. People talk about willpower all the time. It’s utter rubbish. This is psychologically researched.

Our culture, friends, family and influences determine a great deal of how all of us behave in:

  1. Wealth
  2. Relationships

Our identity is intrinsically tied to how you are accepted amongst your peers, friends and family.

Since this blog is about entrepreneurship, how can you redefine yourself amongst your friends and family in this area of your life?

How can you build systems around your life, so that you’ll form the right habits when it comes to entrepreneurship.

How can you create simple systems in your life to make sure that you continue on track with your business progress?

This can be as simple as making sure you publish three times on your website a week and track your traffic progress for the next 6 months. Entrepreneurship is lonely and difficult. Sometimes you’re all alone in Starbucks for the entire day. How can you stay motivated and productive?

I’ll be writing a lot more about these concepts in the near future.

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