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How To Get Angel Investors

How To Get Angel Investors and Do I Need One?

I don’t consider my business a start up that requires angel investing. However, I deal with websites, a little bit of code, digital marketing skillsets and a lot of that is related to the ‘start up scene’. You know, Silicon Valley and all of that.

No, my business model is much more conventional. I’m in this to be profitable in something I’m interested in. I’m not here to be unconventional when it’s un-needed. In fact, there’s a business advice saying: if you can’t explain what your business does to a five-year-old, you shouldn’t be starting or investing in one.

Here’s the truth about business: you can waste a lot of time and effort chasing investors, searching for people to hire and attempting to come up with something that will change the world tomorrow.

You can chase business partners or investors, or you can focus on the most important part of your business: your customers. The people that pay for your products and services. That’s where you should spend your time.

How To Get Angel Investors

How to Get Angel Investors: The Game of Angel Investing

Angel investors, and investors in general aren’t looking to give you free money. For someone who studied financed, and actively invests in the stock market as a retail investor, you can be sure that from an investor standpoint, I’m expecting to make money from my investment.

The majority of investors make calculated investments, and expect a return of investments from their investments. They aren’t going invest in you just because you have an idea, it’s NEVER going to work. I know this first hand. I’ve pitched ‘business ideas’ to investors.

Instead of worrying about investing, a million-dollar idea, why not focus on getting real traffic, customers and sales for your business?

This is why I invested thousands of dollars in mastering digital marketing skillsets such as SEO courses. I didn’t want to rely on investors, I didn’t want to rely on funding and all that fanciful terms that the tech start-up scene uses. 

I Started my First Business Without Capital Invesment 

I started off my first business as a dating coach off a website. I did some basic SEO, launched a website, and a couple of months later, I got my first client and he paid me $700 for a 2-day full training program.

No investors and no employee. Just my skillsets, my interests and some research.

Through the process of building my first business, I fell in love with the idea and process of digital marketing. I decided to branch out, and start a business in digital marketing itself. Which brings me to my next point. 

I Started my SEO Consulting Business Off a Website  

I got really into psychology, SEO, digital marketing, copywriting, entrepreneurship. I thought, why don’t I start a business as an SEO consultant? I replicated the similar model, and started my free lance consulting business.

In fact, SEO consulting is a much more proven business model, from the data that Google provides:

This is what I mean by frontloading your work, doing your research way before hand. This can easily be accomplished in digital marketing, and no other business models in the world!

You can do this all by yourself. You can actually start doing coaching, consulting with no website, or an extremely simple website. You don’t need fanciful technology, investors, office, or complicated business models to make these work. You just need to front load your work, do your customer research before hand, understand what your audience wants to read and launch.

It’s that simple.

It’s the same process I use for these two businesses, my clients and my students. I have not had an office for years. It’s a methodical and deliberate process.

Rasing Money and Investors: Do They Serve a Purpose?

So, Marcus, you’re saying you don’t need investors to start a business? No, I’m not saying that.

I’m saying that if you’re someone with no connections, starting off in entrepreneurship, someone who’s looking to go into a low risk project, you SHOULD start off something that is related to digital marketing.

You don’t need to stick to coaching or services either. You can sell products off a website, and only fulfill the order once your client has already paid. There’s no need for inventory, no office, no complicated business models, just a website, and targeted web traffic.

You can take control of your own business trajectory through digital marketing, the research that online tools can provide, the flexibility of digital marketing, and not wait for business partners, fanciful investors and office space.

You do NOT need an angel investor to make it in business.

In fact, as a young entrepreneur in Singapore, I often use my portfolio, my two sites as pitches to potential investors and businessmen to say: look, I’ve launched business projects before, in fact, I launched two of them. They both generate revenue. I am able explain to them the process, my process of customer research, SEO research, sales funnels, my background in web design and a lot more.

I’m building a portfolio of business experience through digital marketing.

Let’s say hypothetically, the day comes where I want to start a capital intensive business Who is going to stand out more? Someone who claims that he has business experience, or someone who has Google-able results?

Don’t wait for someone to shower money on to you. Take control today. You may be just a website a way.


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