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How to get Customer Testimonials 01

How to get Customer Testimonials from Raving Customers!

How many companies have raving, awesome customer testimonials that isn’t slapped on just for the sake of getting slapped on? How many ‘gurus’ out there providing ‘internet marketing’ courses to SEO courses have slipshod testimonials?

I plan to do it differently. This is how I plan to position myself as a Singapore SEO consultant differently from my competitors. You should too. You should differentiate your company by collecting in-depth, specific testimonials from your customers.

You can also use these testimonials at different opportunities of the sales process. You can use it in your email marketing, your sales copy, testimonial page and some times even blog articles.

How to get Customer Testimonials 02

Rule 1: Create Great Products and Services 

There’s no way to get around this, you need to create great products and services to get great testimonials from your customers. When you create great products and services, it’ll also help with your positioning, your life time customers. 

Create Surveys and Interviews Instead of Testimonials

One good way to think about testimonials is NOT to see them as testimonials. It’s to them as customer research, interviews and surveys from for your product and service. Here’s what I did for my other project: I sit my customer down, and do a 20-minute-long interview with him.

Asking him or her questions like:

  • What was different about this product from other products?
  • How has it helped you in your life? Please explain in specific and vivid details?
  • Did you find the support great?

You should do the same for your customers.

How to get Customer Testimonials: The Teardown

A good testimonial should be ultra specific.

For Eg. For my SEO course trainees, it should say something like: ‘Marcus got me to set up WordPress within a couple of hours. It wasn’t as technical as I thought. My website was initially not found in Google. However, within 3 and a half months, I’m now ranking well on a couple of important keywords and my leads have doubled!’

Ask Them at Different Point of Your Product or Service

When you interview your customer, you can ask them at different point of your product or service.

When clients hire me, I often ask my clients who pick me over my competitors: Why did you pick me over others?

In my SEO course, I ask some questions such as:

How did you find the training? Was it too technical? Should it be stretched out over a longer period of time? Should it be more personalized? What are the problems you face when executing an SEO campaign? How many reviews are you comfortable with?

Use Your Testimonials for Customer Research

You’re going to get negative reviews and testimonials from time to time. However, that’s perfectly fine, you don’t have to show them, however, you can use them. Now that you’ve got this extra interviews, data and surveys, you should also use them to build better products and services.

You’ll be narrowing down what your audience actually want, and how you can fit their needs.

Ultimately, the better your product is, the more testimonials you’re going to get. The better testimonials you get, the more people you’re going to get in your program, and so on.

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