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How to Get Email Subscribers For Your Blog

How to Get Email Subscribers For Your Blog

I often tell my clients or students, when they work with me or attend my SEO courses, they aren’t working with just an SEO consultant, they are working with a complete digital marketer with skillsets in psychology, copywriting, positioning and more.

It’s said that email is the life blood of your business. Here’s a strategy you can use that I personally use:

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Do your keyword research
  3. Drive targeted traffic
  4. Get sales AND email subscribers

Like I’ve mentioned a thousandth time on this blog, digital marketing is holistic. It isn’t that copywriting is going to help you, or that SEO is all you need. It’s all aspects of digital marketing that’ll grow your business. This is the marketing approach I take at our digital marketing company.

So, how can you get email subscribers from your blog, the high quality content that you push on your site?

How to Get Email Subscribers For Your Blog

How to Get Email Subscribers for Your Blog: Create Your First Opt In Bonus

When publishing articles and content on your site. You’ll always need to ask yourself: What’s in it for your audience?

This is why bloggers that only write about themselves, rarely are able to make a living through blogging. That’s because they are only writing about themselves. Unless they are aesthetically pleasing, nobody really cares.

So, in the case of the your opt in bonus, you’ll need to give something to your audience, in exchange for an email address.

One of the most efficient ways is to compile some of your articles and blog posts into a simple 4-5 pages PDF.

You could:

  • Compile some of your high quality articles into a PDF format
  • Pull a couple of chapters out of your services or product, and give it away
  • Interview experts on a subject, and compile them into a report
  • Give away a free tool or template
  • Create bonus videos

You see many WordPress plugins developers use this method. In exchange for using their plugin, you’ll have to opt into their email subscription.

Okay, one you’re done with that, the next step is to position your material in the best way possible. You’ll need to combine your opt in with compelling copywriting.

How to Combine Your Opt In with Compelling Copywriting

Creating opt ins and embarking on an email marketing strategy can be one of the many aspects of digital marketing to grow your business.

Pump It Up

There are hundreds and thousands of websites attempting to collect emails through this method.

However, how many of them actually are interesting or stand out? You’ll need to assume that your audience is an educated consumer, because of the easy access to tons of free information out there. You’ll need to make your offer, mouth watering, and exciting.

Let’s use an example and assume use this copy for my opt in page: 

Get clients through this SEO strategy’

That isn’t that bad. There’s a clear benefit to it. However, it can better. 

‘Get endless clients through this SEO strategy. Wake up on a Saturday morning to see your inbox flooded with enquiries.’

That’s much better.

You get my point?

Add Counter Intuitive Twists

You can also add a counter intuitive twist to your copy. Let’s take a look at this copy:

‘Start your own business without a business degree.’  

How can I add a counter intuitive twist to this?

‘Start your own business in months, instead of years, even if you have never had business experience.’

There are a couple of ways to create counter intuitive twists:

  • Using ‘even if’ in your statement
  • Giving a warning: ‘miss this critical SEO step and you’ll miss out on what works for 2018’
  • Branding technique: SEO expert Brian Dean is great at this, naming his SEO strategies from the moving man technique to the skyscraper technique

Use Specific Vivid Details

Lastly, great copywriting is about including specific and vivid details in your copy. Ask yourself this: how can you add in specific details that occur in your daily life to your copy?

Let’s take my own site’s copy, strip it apart, and improve it:

‘Get endless clients with digital marketing’

What’s a better version?

‘Flood your inbox with endless customers, even if you’re new to SEO, or don’t have any formal background in IT’

This one is much better, that’s because it paints an image in your audience’s mind.

Closing Thoughts

People are generally selfish with their email address. I find this is especially true for the Singaporean audience. This is why you’ll need to stand out with your content, opt in offer and combine it with compelling copywriting.

However, you’ll want to make sure your email list is engaged. It’s not your list size, it’s how engaged your list is to you, as a reader.

Hence, you should make it DIFFICULT to opt in to your list. I don’t make it easy to my audience opt in to my email lists, whether be it for this site, or other projects. I also make sure they double confirm on their end, before sending them my material or letting them on my list. I’m coming from an audience mindset, and not a tactics mindset.

You should too.

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