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How to Get Over the Fear of Content Promotion 01

How to Get Over the Fear of Content Promotion

I’ve never considered guest blogging as an SEO strategy in my earlier days as an SEO consultant because Singapore generally doesn’t have a guest writing culture.

I’ve also reached out to some major publications and most they wanted a payment for a guest blog post.

However, as I toyed around with online business models, guest writing/ appearing on someone else’s podcast in one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, hence, capturing email, subscribers and leads.

It’s also one of the best ways to build links, and in particularly, anchor text links.

How to get Over the Fear of Content Promotion 

So, one of the biggest fears I had:

What if they don’t reply?’

Here’s a reframe: ‘As long you’re not being scammy, genuine in your outreach, them not replying is a simple incompatibility’.

You can optimize your outreach by looking for ‘contributors’ or ‘guest blogging’ on their contact us page. There’s a higher chance that they’ll allow guest writers and contributors if they put them up on their website.

Reframe: Put Yourself in the Mind of the Person You are Emailing

Okay, secondly. These people that you’re outreaching to. They are generally busy people. They have content to write, subscribers to build a relationship with, a new product to launch, and much more.

Everyday, people email them asking them for something. Some times for a link, some times to submit a poorly written guest post. They don’t have enough material to post on their site. They’ve created a machine and they need to feed the beast.

However, to overcome this, you can something different.

Firstly, you can make their world’s best pitch to solve their problems.

  • Add massive value

By making you pitch clear and crafting your pitch in a way that adds massive value, you don’t have anything to worry about if they don’t reply or reject you. You’re doing it guilt free.

  • Build a relationship with them

Secondly, don’t treat them like a person you can leech traffic off. You should actually build a relationship with them.

  • Ask for advice

Thirdly, when you ask someone who’s ‘more successful’ for advice, they love it. It’s a form of stroking their ego. When you ask for advice, and take it, they’ll more likely to allow you to guest write on their site.

Mindset 1: Test Your Outreach Emails  

Lastly, by testing out your outreach emails, you can better optimize your outreach for a response. It’s recommended that you send out at least ten emails a week, track your response and follow up.

Some times people miss them in their inbox and you can ping them by writing:

‘Just floating this email to the top of your inbox’.  

Link building is tiring and tedious in SEO. However, link building makes up one of the most important aspects of SEO. There’s no way to ignore it.

One of the easiest, and most efficient way to go about building links is guest blogging on another site. The whole idea of guest writing is: you take a site with more readers and audience than you and you’re driving traffic and links to your site.

Mindset 2: You’re pitching a High Quality Article. It’s a Win-Win.

When your guest blogging, you’re pitching a high quality article to the site. You’re not begging or leeching from anyone. It’s a win-win relationship with a higher probability of paying off for both parties.

Mindset 3: Take the Best Stuff and Put Your Best Content

When people think of guest blogging, they think of just putting up a poorly written article. However, when you put out your best content, you’re going to persuade to hearts and minds of the audience behind the site who is bigger than yours.

You’ll also build a great relationship with the site editor.

When you build a good relationship with the site editor, you’ll open up further opportunities down the road for more guest writing opportunities:

Here’s a good example:

Why Guest Blogging is One of the Best Way to Grow Your Business

Why Guest Blogging is One of the Best Way to Grow Your Business

Pro Tip:

You should try to include anchor text links back to the page you’re attempting to rank for. If I’m attempting to rank for the keyword: SEO expert, then I should include the keyword SEO expert in the guest article and link it back to the page I’m trying to rank for.

Remember, it’s not a failure, just a test. The psychology of business is equally as important as the techniques and strategies.

I teach all of this in my SEO course.

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