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How to Get People to Stay on Your Website 03

How to Get People to Stay on Your Website?

Have you ever gone on one of those websites and all you see is spammy content, and all you want to do is to X it immediately?

That was a problem with one of my projects a couple of months a go. I outsourced the majority of my content for cheap. Hence, I got spammy, generic content that nobody cared about.

Here are the analytics I got from my back end systems: People were clicking on my site, however, they were leaving almost immediately.

It wasn’t good for SEO. This meant that I had a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is highly debated to be a direct or indirect SEO ranking factor in the SEO world.

However, whether be it direct or indirect, bounce rate has a large influence on your SEO rankings. If people are leaving your site almost immediately, it just goes to show that particular page doesn’t fulfill the particular need user, and hence, is a low quality site.

So, now, let me give you a case study on what I did to lower my bounce rate from a 82% to a cool 0.87%.

From a High Bounce Rate to a Low Bounce Rate: Case Study

How to Get People Glued Your Website to Increase Traffic High Bounce Rate

That was my website. It had a 136 posts on it, and the majority of those articles were low quality content. Look, no one cares about your low quality content on the web. People care about what’s in it for them: basically high quality content that they can get value out of.

So here’s what I did: I changed home page to include blog posts. It puts information right in front of my users, adding to the user experience of my site. I also cut my website blog posts from 136 to a slim 49. I also rewrote most of my posts. That’s more a 50% cut.

Firstly, my bounce rate lowered over the next 30 days, I also realized that I had an increase in traffic despite removing more than half of my articles on the site. This is because my lowered bounce rate signals to Google that my site/post/page is quality information and in turn, Google gives a boost to my visibility.

Secondly, I also received personal emails saying that my content has personally helped my audience and readers.

That’s the difference between spamming your way into high Google rankings (which 98%) of my competitors do and taking the time and effort to publish high quality content that is relevant to your audience.

Creating Tailored Made Content

When you’re outsourcing your articles to Indian writers that are willing to do it for as low as four dollars per hour, you’re going to get low quality content and your post and page is going to deemed low quality content to both Google and users.

However, if you took the time or resources to publish something high informative that users can benefit from, you’ll not only differentiate yourself from your competitors that are posting generic content, you’ll also get readers that’ll be glued to your website. This will result in a low bounce rate, and in turn, higher rankings and more traffic.

Here are some of the ways I use to create tailor made content to impress:

  • Give people a ‘magic bullet’

If you have a one piece of your advice resonates extremely well with people. Then you turn it into a “magic bullet”—a uniquely branded technique or solution that solves a common pain point.

  • Share remarkable stories

If you have truly remarkable story that’s relevant to your business, share it!

  • Present information in a different and interesting way

You can use your own personal stories, your own experiences and your own beliefs. Instead of writing about what and how. You can write about the ‘why’, the mindset, the psychology behind your material.

  • Get people results and case studies

If you’ve gotten results for your clients, you can showcase them on your blog. You can write about the process of how you got them results, the obstacles you guys face, and how you overcome them. You can also teach your audience about something, just like how I am teaching you to get a lowered bounce rate in this article.

Lowering Your Bounce Rate

In today’s information economy, where you can easily Wikipedia what you learned in history class when you were 13, information is a luxury. To stand out and beat your competition. Generic, outsourced content isn’t enough. You should ask yourself: Why should anyone be reading and staying on your site as compared to the millions of other sites out there?

If you’re starting off as a business owner with a fresh website, you do not have the luxury of the authority of the press or other publications that have set up base way before you. The only way you can stand out, is to publish useful, engaging, long form content that helps your audience.

This way, you not only help your SEO rankings, you also create tailored made content that is positioned well for your audience. For Eg. If you’re a yoga teacher for beginners, I’m sure there’s a lot of guide and tutorials that are made for advanced students. You can take advantage of that information gap and curate content specially for your ideal client: yoga beginners. This will not only help with your SEO, it’ll also help with your market positioning.

I don’t just write about SEO advice, or position myself as an SEO consultant or a freelance website designer. I hand write all my content, I write about business advice, I enjoy dishing about marketing advice. My material doesn’t just end at web design or on page SEO advice, it encompasses a 360 degree branding and entrepreneurial approach. SEO is just one part of the huge picture.

If you haven’t noticed you, high quality content also has the potential to go viral. This can compliment your social media strategy. When you put in time and effort in your content marketing strategy, it’s going to pay off in the long run, not only in terms of SEO rankings, but also for your audience, and your brand.

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