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How to Know If a Business Will Succeed

How to Know If a Business Will Succeed Before You Launch

SEO is a fascinating topic to me because it can help you make decisions based on data months before you even start designing your website. Whether you’re launching a marketing campaign, or a service oriented business, you’re never going in blind, you’re going in with a game plan.

I’ll share with you a problem that 98% of business owners make when they either start a business or when attempt to market a business.

Years ago, I launched a dating advice, I had no idea what I was doing. I had zero knowledge on SEO, online marketing, copywriting or Facebook marketing.

I wrote articles week after week, and just like that, a year passed and I had ZERO leads, and much less zero sales. I only had a trickle of traffic coming into my website. I also spent a complete year re-designing my website thinking it was a design issue. Obviously, I didn’t understand what SEO was back then.

Today, I’ve helped my clients rank commercial keywords on Google that generate leads through their website, my dating advice site also brings in 60 targeted visitors per day, 1800 visitors a month. This is good considering it’s highly targeted and small niche in Singapore.

Most important of all, I learned how to validate business ideas even before they are launched, and I’m going to show you how.

How to Validate Your Business Idea: Using the Google Keyword Planner and Validating Demand

I’m sure there are many other ways to validate business ideas. However, using the Google keyword planner is one of the most powerful ways you can use to decide if you want to start a business in a certain niche.

It’s also a way to understand how to price your services. However, I’ll get into that in another post.

Through using the Google keyword planner, you can find out the rough number of queries people are typing into their Google search bars from every part of the world.

Can you imagine how power that data is? You can pre-plan for your content marketing strategy, the design of your website, the targeted keywords months ahead before even you write a single word on your website.

Once, I was hired as an SEO consultant to market Six Sigma courses in Singapore. I was confident I could get leads for my client hiring me. Why? That’s because of the time tested proven demand in Singapore for the last 24 months shown by Google keyword planner.

Six Sigma Sigma Search Demand:

Six Sigma Course Demand

Needless to say, the results were positive and you can see what my client said about me here.

Through this keyword research process, you’ll have a rough gauge if the service or product you’re creating has a validated demand. Out goes your fanciful business ideas that don’t work.

Truth to be told, my first business idea was to sell dog insurance to wealthy owners. It sounds like novel idea, however, how many are actually demanding for such services on Google?

How to Position Yourself to Beat the Competition?

Here’s the thing about business ideas: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you’re in business. You can simple create a business that is better than the competition, and you’ll dominate.

There are many ways to differentiate yourself from the competition, however, this cannot be done if there isn’t market in the first place for your business idea.

Here are some ways:

  • Can you create content that is better than your competition?
  • Can you create a better product or service that is better than your competition? If yes, you got yourself a competitive business, and you’re all set to launch a profitable business.
  • What does your general marketing themes say about your business? Is is luxury? Is it reliability? Is it safety?
  • You can package your products in a myriad of ways for accountability, efficiency, fast results for your clients.

Positioning isn’t something that is figured out right from the get go. However, in time, you’ll find something that stands out. Something that I write time and time again on my blog is this: I’m not just an SEO consultant or a freelance web designer, I’m an entrepreneur, my clients get the benefit of picking my entrepreneurial mind if they work with me.

I don’t just write about technical SEO jargon. I write it in a manner that anyone can read my website and understand what I’m talking about. People do not want to read about SEO, SEO is just a means to an end, people want sales, clients and customers, SEO is just one of the means to it.

Is it Important to Validate Your Business Idea before Launching?

You know what’s the difference between A students and C students? A students frontload their work and prepare months before hand, whilst C students ‘try to figure it out’ as it comes.

This is similar when it comes to launching any form of business.

You need to figure out your rental, your start up cost, your content marketing strategy, your ideal client, the hopes fear and dreams of your clients, the market demand, your initial positioning, your minimum viable product or service way before hand even before you lift a finger to launch a website.

95% of new businesses fail. If you’re going to start a business, why not play to win are prepare a well thought out battle plan?

That’s the difference between A entrepreneurs and C entrepreneurs.

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