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How to Overcome Writer’s Block

How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

Writing comes almost naturally to me. I also know that most SEO consultants and companies do not like publishing content, and prefer to outsource it. However, I actually enjoy it. I’m weird like that. It’s one of the unique features about this blog. I handcraft everything. You’re literally picking my brains about SEO, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

However, I know it doesn’t come easy for me. You might thinking of starting a website, but have problems overcoming your writer’s block. Is it possible to publish content that is outsourced and still sell? Yes! However, if you do enjoy writing to a certain extent, you can position yourself in a personalized and unique way by handcrafting your articles.

Here are some of the ideas that I incorporate in my daily writing routine. 

Write Daily: Have a Daily Word Limit

I started off by telling myself: all you have to do is to write 200 words a day. This gradually increased to 500, 800, 1000 words. These days, I can go up to 2000 words, and still have words left in me.

You’ll need to set a word limit for yourself.

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Plan Your Topics Ahead of Time 

Just like embarking on deep customer research. You’ll need to front load your work. I used to write by the day. I would wake up, find content ideas using Google keyword planner or think of one, and churn out content.

However, that’s in-effective.

I made the change and come up with unique titles and content ideas way beforehand. These days, if I have a content idea, I’ll note it down in my iPhone, go home, create a word document, put in the title, and save it.

Outline Your Articles

Now that you got your title, you can then outline your articles. Normally, I’ll outline the structure of the article. I’ll put in the main points that I want to touch on, on the article. I’ll also include sub pointers, personalized stories, case studies and unique metaphors that I want to include my article.

This is way much better than tackling a blank page. You have some structural flow to work on. 

Different Ways to Write about the Same Topics

Lastly, you’ll need to free yourself up from the dogma that there is only one way to write about one topic. There are a multitude of ways to write about the same article. Yes, perhaps for SEO, there is a finite number of topics ranging from technical SEO to on page SEO to link building.

However, there are infinite ways to go about it. You can include stories, case studies of your own website, case studies of your ‘client’s website’, how to tutorials, short punchy advice and etc.

If you really are stuck on this, you can use the Google keyword research planner/ Youtube to research what others are searching for in other demographics other than your country. 

Go Out and Live Your Life  

I used to sit in Starbucks, churn out un-researched, crappy articles, and feel proud of the ‘hustle’. No, hustle isn’t the answer when it comes to publishing high quality writing. You’ll need to give yourself a break from time to time, go out and live your life.

I get business ideas from studying brands when I walk through shopping malls. I take note of their design, customer service, systems and user experience, and use the same philosophy when designing my content and my website.

If you’re stuck at home attempting to rehash content from Youtube or already published sources, you’re not going to really far as a writer or a content marketer.

Study the Masters

Good writing is built over time. I’m sure I’ll look back at this very article in a couple of years time and think: what the hell was he thinking? How can he actually publish content like that? I actually say that of my writing that I published 2 years a go. It’s embarrassing.

However, writing can be improved. You’ll have to study the masters. On the internet, I personally like Mark Manson and Ramit Sethi’s style of writing. I study their content structure and how they deliver their message across. I study their jokes, their humor, how they drive a touchy point across, how they keep reinforcing similar points across different blog posts and more.

However, don’t be limited to online publishers or writers. You can get inspiration from books and authors that don’t have an online presence. Go to the library, borrow a couple of books on the topic that you’re interested about, study how they present their ideas and their prose.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block? Keep It Fun!

Lastly, writing should be fun. You shouldn’t be writing or publishing just for the sake of ‘SEO’ or just because you went to some SEO course and the trainer told you he preferred handcrafting all his content and it’s awesome he does it that way.

If you don’t enjoy writing, then don’t write at all. I’m sure the majority of SEOs in Singapore do NOT handwrite their content. I do it because it’s therapeutic and its fun to me. It’s also a way for me to organize my thoughts, ideas, publish it out to the world, let others study my work, give me feedback. I get a kick out of it.

However, if you detest writing to the core right from the get go, then let’s just say you’re never going to overcome your writer’s block. Perhaps, your strength is in creating videos or in other areas of production.

Lastly, I’ll say, the best way to overcome your writer’s block is to believe that your words will have an impact on the world. Writers write feverishly because they believe that they can change the world for the better in some tiny way or another.

When you feel you have something important to teach or show the world, you’ll naturally have the drive and inclination to sit in front of the computer, set aside everything else, and make sure those words get on paper.

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