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How to Package Your Services and Sell Them for Profits

How to Package Your Services and Sell Them for Profits

You got your SEO down, you got your traffic, next, you need to learn how to package your services and sell them for profits.

When starting a business, the majority of people jump right into product creation. However, the best are always more methodical and deliberate. I learnt this the hard way in my previous entrepreneurial projects. If you created something with zero demand, no matter how good your product is, it’s never going to sell.

So, how do you package your services and sell them for profits?

Here are a list of step by step questions you’ll need to answer:

Your Target Audience: Who To Reach? 

These people are your target audience. They are your potential audience You should use delve deep into their demographics: occupation, lifestyle, job, hopes, fears and dreams. Secondly, think beyond their demographics, you should also dig into their mindset.

Where to Reach Them?  

Where can I find your potential audience? With social media, you can think which Youtube channel, Facebook page or Twitter profile. Since we’re on the topic of SEO, you can research actual search phrases that your audience use. Think about websites or forums your audience may frequent.

What Problems are They Facing?

There are burning pains your audience is facing. The key here is using real words and pharses. You can do research on reviews, Youtube comments and forums.

This is BS: ‘I want to be financially literate this weekend.’ I’ve actually said this: ‘Damn, I have some cash in my bank, and I feel like I need to do something with it.’

What Quick Solutions Can You Offer Them?

Now you know the who, what and where, how can you solve their problems?

You can research quick win solutions using the Google keyword planner. However, do note that there may be limited data to the country you’re targeting. To get a wider range of keyword data, you can target larger demographics such as the United States.

YouTube is a great place for researching potential solutions as well. 

Multiple Ways You Can Package Your Services and Sell Them 

Fast forward 6 months of an SEO campaign, now you have a thousand laser targeted visitors a day. You’ve built an audience, identified their pains, created your solutions and identified services and products your audience will gladly pay for.

Here are some ideas: 

  • One-time web development with complimentary on page SEO, $6000
  • Full 6 months SEO service, $1495 a month.
  • 2 days SEO course workshop with a life student support, one time fee of $1455
  • 3 months 10 lessons, $600 personal fitness training package, with one complimentary session
  • 3 month $500 spa package with one session free

The Mindset of Packaging and Selling

Some guys are great marketers, however, poor entrepreneurs. Eventually, you’ll need to package your services and products and sell them for a profit. Look, there’s no need to be ashamed of selling your services. I used to be shit scared of charging for my services as an SEO consultant. I mean, there are tons of cheap Indian SEO firms charging $1500 an hour.

You’re also not just selling a service. When you package your services/ coaching/ products, you’re selling a system, you’re selling accountability and you’re selling luxury. If you face the imposter syndrome like I did, you can always offer money back guarantees and life time support for your products and services.

Just ship it! People want to pay for value!

You’re not scamming anyone. You’re not breaking into anyone’s bank account. Business is not a zero sum game. They don’t lose if you win. If I helped a business get found on Google, along with their amazing product or service, it’s a win-win for consumers. If I helped a tip top personal fitness trainer market his services on Google, his future customers are going to benefit.

I remembered when I sold my first personal development course for $700 through a website that I built myself. I was elated!

Compare that to my first year in entrepreneurship where I basically blogged with no visitors and redesigned my website a million times. No surprises here, I cashed in a total of zero dollars for a year straight. That was depressing.

You’ll need cash flow to provide a better service for your clients, students or customers. There’s no way you can innovate on your product or service if you don’t charge for it, and take care of yourself and business first.

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