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How to Respond When Clients Think You are Too Expensive

How to Respond When Clients Think You are Too Expensive?

‘Why is your quote 1500 when others are 1200?’

I hate emails like that. In fact, I hate customers like that. The first thing they look for in a service, is price. Not value. Yet, these are the very people that are willing to spend half a million on luxury cars, as opposed to a Toyota.

I hear this time and time again as a freelance SEO consultant. Despite telling them I’m not some random Indian company that spams with your inbox with shit poor pitches, the majority of them won’t take up the offer.

I got butt hurt for a while. However, that ignited a new fire. I was going to master this copywriting and persuasion subject.

Is SEO rankings the end all for my prospects? Or is it clients, sales, enquires, money, million dollar businesses, freedom or choice?

Why did I get into SEO in the first place?

  • I didn’t want to sell to family and friends
  • I want my customers to be complete strangers, so there’s NEVER any hurt feelings involved
  • It’s for scalability. Instead of running around networking meets ups (which is a hit or miss) I get to tap into the laser targeted audience from the search engines
  • I can get enough leads to fire annoying clients

SEO rankings are a means to an end. Yes, I need those rankings, however, why do I need those rankings?

This taught me a huge lesson in understanding the language and psychology of my audience.

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Positioning – Why are You Different?

One of the age old business mantra is to never compete through price. There’s always someone else who’s willing to undercut you. You’ll need to position yourself better in your market.

Here are some position ideas that I came up with for my own company:

  • Stress on the fact that I had invested tens of thousands of dollars in SEO courses and digital marketing training
  • Yes, formal credentials such as a Google partner company is important, however, at the end of the day, it’s about results.

Compete on Value, and Not Price

I often tell my clients and my student, you aren’t just learning SEO from me. You’re getting my business knowledge as well. In my SEO courses, I go ahead and beyond in teach you:

These concepts aren’t SEO concepts, however, that’s MY value add.

Wrong Clients and Opportunity Cost

Once, my Dad told me: why don’t just do it cheap for X client. I did consider it. However, I measured the pros and cons.

I could spend the time building a marketing machine for X client. Or I can spend the time building a marketing machine for MYSELF!

You’ll need to ask yourself: is this client worth it? What are the opportunity costs on taking this client on?

There aren’t just opportunity costs in business, there are opportunity costs such as:

  • You could have spent the time on advancing your marketing knowledge
  • You could have taken a holiday instead (I’m not kidding, I do take these personal issues into account)

Some times, there will be clients who always use price as a means to ask for a discount or slash your prices down. The way to respond to clients that think you are too expensive is to educate them on YOUR value add. Of course, you’ll also need to great at what you do. You’ll need to teach them to revere your work.

Other times, you’ll need to just let your prospect go and say: Sorry, you’re not the right fit at this point of time.

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