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How to Sell to the Rich

How to Sell to the Rich – High Effort and High Reward

When I started off as a SEO consultant, I lost up to 30 thousand dollars’ worth in projects. I got myself certified in one of the best SEO courses in Asia, however, to my horror, I found myself losing projects one after another.

In this blog, I don’t only want to write about SEO advice. I want to write about digital marketing, and business advice on the whole.

The Problem with Cheap SEO Firms and SEO Courses

Well, partly why I was losing projects one after another is because I was selling SEO to start ups and new businesses. They were all cash tight and didn’t have much leeway to invest in marketing. In fact, I’d argue that if you’re cash tight, all the more you should be investing in marketing or SEO.

Okay, these mistakes taught me something about marketing and selling. Forget your friend that is running some fanciful start up. You should be selling to people with both the willingness and ability to pay.

Positioning Idea: Luxury and Tailored Service

I also made a decision that cost me thousands of dollars upfront. I wasn’t going to serve any SEO that demanded that I matched another SEO company’s price. I lost another multi thousand-dollar deal that way.

I was going to position myself as a tailored solution. If you wanted to hire my SEO services, you bet that I’ll serve you in an exquisite and tailored way. This is why I made the decision to write everything on my own. How many SEO companies do that? You’re going to be expecting the same level of excellence when you work with me.

  • Beautifully crafted content that your audience will love
  • Ethical white hat SEO strategies to help you rank and convert traffic to customers
  • Monthly reports
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Tailored business advice

However, I won’t be charging you $500 a month like some random cheap Indian firm. I know I’m good, and you’re going to pay for a great service.

I also decided to market my SEO courses in a similar manner. I know of other companies that create multiple level courses. Once you finished their ‘basic course’, you then move on to their ‘second course’. You’re made to pay multiple of thousands of dollars this way.

No, this isn’t how I operate. I only offer one course. There’s no upsells. However, you’re going to pay a premium for our courses. You also bet you’re going get a exquisite support and service during and after the course.

Strategy: High Effort and High Reward

Is there a lot of work up front? You bet there is. I write about 2000 words everyday for my sites. When I conduct my courses, I offer follow up sessions up to 6 months later. There are both office rental costs and time investment.

However, this way, I pick the right clients and students. I get clients to value my work, I get compensated the right amount, and I get students for life.

How to Sell to the Rich: Studying Luxury Brands 

How to Sell to the Rich

Can you find a ton of SEO advice and tutorials on both Youtube and Google itself? Why would someone pay me multiple thousands of dollars for my SEO course or service?

Why do people eat out at hipster cafes as opposed to the hawker centre? Well, I don’t, because I don’t see the value it in, and I love hawker fare, however, all my friends do and it’s interesting to study consumer behavior this way. You could argue that hawker fare is somewhat a luxury. People are willing to pay for a luxurious service.

Luxury brands and products are solving problems as well, in contrary to popular belief.

When you purchase a Mercedes, you’re not really give the problem of transportation solved. You’re getting the need for social status fulfilled.

This is something really interesting to think about it when marketing and positioning your products.

When clients hire me, they are paying for a service beyond SEO itself. When students come to my courses, they are investing in something more than knowledge. They are buying psychological security and more.

I used to only come from a singular SEO perspective.

However, after multiple failures and mistakes, I realized this: SEO is important, however positioning is equally important. Everything counts. From how your site works, to the subtle designs in your theme.

This is the difference between Mercedez and Toyota. They are serving different target markets, at different price points.

However, are they equally profitable? You bet.

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