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How to Write a Blog Pitch - Template for Guest Posting 02

How to Write a Blog Pitch – Template for Guest Posting

You often hear about ‘you got to build backlinks’ when it comes to SEO. It can get frustrating from time to time. How the hell are you going to get other sites to link to you? It’s one of the most daunting task when it comes to SEO: reaching out to other sites and publications to get them to link to you.

Look, no one is going to link to you just to link to you. There has to be some sort of value exchange there.

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic and earn powerful backlinks to your site. Its one of my favorite ones. That’s because you are adding value to the person your pitching to. You aren’t begging for a link, or doing any shady black hat SEO tactics.

The Psychology of Promotion

The majority of site owners and bloggers are always looking to publish high quality content. They created a machine that has to be fed constantly. When you go to them and pitch them a high quality piece of article, you bet that they’ll be thankful and are more willing to accept your guest post.

So, before I get into creating remarkable content so that the people you pitch to will be more likely to accept them. Here’s a line by line script that you can use to pitch to other sites. The pitch is equally as important as the guest blog post as well. If you’re reaching out to established sites, these writers and site owners get pitched 100s of times a day. Your pitch HAS to stand out from the others.

You HAVE to take some time to study the site of the person you’re pitching to. Take a look at their content, read about it, and point out something specific in your pitch. This goes to show that you really value their work and you’re not just another site owner looking for a guest blogging opportunity.

Secondly, you’re going to pitch some ideas that you think will be a right fit for their site. I don’t recommend writing the articles before they accept your pitch.

Thirdly, when you link to published articles on your site in your pitch, make sure that your article is informative and remarkable. The majority of quality sites CARE about what they publish on their site. Slipshod content will rarely be accepted.

How to Write a Blog Pitch: The Line by Line Script I Use 

Hi X!

I’ve been following your blog and site for a couple of months now. I want to say: you have one of the best designed sites in the industry, with informative long form blogs. I especially enjoyed your guide to conversation here:

I’ve always seen myself as someone who’s a mix of X. Reading your post helps me understand my potential clients better.

X Advice’ is GOLDEN advice even for myself in my own life. Being a X nerd for half a decade, some times I can get too self absorbed and not meeting where my clients/ girls I’m dating where they are at.

I recently started X Website publishing high quality X advice.

I’m currently hoping to grow the site and it’s getting approximately X visitors a month.

I’ll like to guest write for your site and I came up with multiple ideas that I think your readers will like a lot. Either that, if you’re not accepting guest posts at the moment, I will be comfortable with another form of format such as a podcast or an interview.

I believe I can contribute a unique perspective as an X.

Anyway! Here are some of the ideas for the guest post:

X Topic

 Idea 1

– Idea 2

– Idea 3

Y Topic:

– Idea 4

– Idea 5

– Idea 6

Here are a couple of examples of my work:

  • Link to Published Article On your Site

I wrote this huge 2000 worded article with tons of research behind it, it’s published on my own site.

I had a couple of articles published on other guest sites: X Article published on X WebsiteY Articles, is also featured on Y Website.

Once again, thank for your time to read this X. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for making the world a better place by imparting your knowledge about X

Warm Regards,

[Your Name]

Guest Blogging for SEO

Matt Cutts mentioned a couple of years back that guest blogging is no longer a tactic that works for SEO.

However, many SEO consultants and experts have mentioned that it’s still a relevant tactic today if done right. This is why you’re not going to be pitching to random sites that have guest blogging opportunities. You’re only going to be pitching to sites whose niche is related and parallel to yours.

You also aren’t going to be pitching just to get a link. You’re going to pitch with an ‘audience mindset’. You’re going to ask yourself: what kind of readers does this blog or site has? If I had my article published on this site, will this site get me readers and viewers that will benefit my site?

You should also be strategic about guest blogging outreach by slim lining your outreach by choosing sites that are of high quality, with a level of domain authority or engagement.

The Results

Here is a pitch that got accepted for one of my own personal projects:

Ultimately, don’t see guest blogging as a one way street. It’s about building relationships with other site owners so that you’ll have an opportunity to write for them in the future again.

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