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If Everybody Did SEO, Wouldn’t Everybody be the Same?

Interesting question I got about SEO as a marketing strategy when I was talking about my business during Chinese New Year visits.

‘What if everybody did the same thing as you did, wouldn’t your strategy be ineffective?’

  1. Everybody had equal access to lectures and tutorials in school, why do some people perform and why do some don’t?
  2. Index funds are shown to have a track record of 10 years and more. People still invest in bird nest, gold, bitcoin, mutual funds or not start an investment account at all.

My point is. Everybody knows what they should do, but they NEVER do it.

You see.

Something I learned about persuasion is:

People don’t want to learn about digital marketing. They want to learn how to get rich or quit their jobs. These are their hopes, fears and dreams.

People don’t want to hire an SEO consultant. They want their business to ‘magically’ be prosperous the next day.

People will never subject themselves to education. Then again, education isn’t enough. I know many people that attend a SEO course, and never really test out the methods. Implementation and execution are two different things. 

How You Can be More Persuasive

In my opinion, digital marketing is a great entrepreneurial skillset. Not only you can start you own projects, you’re pretty much able to value add almost any commercial organization.

Name me a company that doesn’t more leads and enquires for their business.


However, how can you communicate to your audience that getting found on Google through search engine optimization is a low cost and effective strategy?

That’s the trick.

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