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Why You Should Never Call Yourself an Internet Marketer

Once, I told someone I got to know what I did when he asked: I design websites, help small medium enterprises get leads through Google. I also help them through government claims that the Singapore government is advocating a lot.

‘You mean like internet marketing’? He said it with a condescending tone.

No, it’s not ‘internet marketing’ you dipshit.

People typically think of an internet marketer as someone who markets scammy eBooks, uses sales funnels and long cheesy sales pages. They also think flashy blinking highlights, fake testimonials, low quality products and ‘make money online photos’.

Well, do I write sales pages and use an email funnel?

Yes I do.

However, our digital marketing company is not an ‘internet marketing company’. Our mission it to help our clients and students put their best foot forward on search engines, maximize their digital profiles. Not sell spammy eBooks. There IS a huge difference between selling you spammy eBooks versus understand in and outs of search engines.

Internet Marketers Are Braggers

You see, most of the internet marketers I’ve met and learnt from are braggers. They talk about working 4 hours a week, living a digital nomad lifestyle, flying a jet plane, making 5 figures a month and all those typical ‘internet marketing’ claims.

Internet Marketer

What has 4-5 figures has got to do with digital marketing?

Don’t get me wrong, some of them actually do live that lifestyle.

I have actually spent $4000 learning from an affiliate marketer who actually lives and breathes  the ‘4 Hour Work Week’. His business model clearly works.

However, I trashed the project a couple months in. I didn’t want to be selling scammy eBooks online to be my legacy. I didn’t want to be remembered for that. I wanted to help real businesses and real clients, through ethical digital marketing strategies.

Here’s my goal: impact.  

This is why I spent thousands of dollars in my digital marketing knowledge, from SEO, to UX, to email marketing, to copywriting, to psychology and more. I’m not here just to make money.

Internet Marketers Often get Mixed/ Negative Reviews Online

Okay, so you still think that internet marketing is a holy grail? Or that internet marketers are like the next coming of Jesus? Think again. One of the reasons why I do not want to be called an internet marketer is because of the reputation that is associate with these people.

Let’s see, a quick Google shows some interesting results:

Internet Marketer

By the time you leave, your business will already be making money. Huge claims. Back it up?

Internet Marketer

Horrible reputation some of these internet marketers have

I hate assholes that sell programs like that

I hate when someone gets ripped off. That’s because I myself have attended sub par courses ranging from finance to digital marketing. Some of these guys are just here in earn a quick buck. I did write a detailed post about how to know of the course you’re attending is a scam.

I have no intentions of getting my name mired online. In fact, I’ll defend my reputation to my last breath.

If a client or student finds my course material or services insufficient/ outdated and is able to justify his reasons, I’ll give them a full refund. That’s how I did business when I was a freelancer, due to the technicalities and complexity digital marketing assets, whenever a deal went awry, I gave a full refund, no questions asked.

They make Empty Promises

Lastly, ‘internet marketers’ are known to make empty promises. ‘Just attend my course, and you’ll find out how to make a living online.’

That’s different from ‘attend my course, learn the business model, oh wait, next, you’ll need to invest in an email list that requires 10,000USD’.

Now, you don’t have 10,000USD in your bank account. You’re stuck.

Here’s a couple more:

Commonly seen amongst cheap SEO Indian firms.

  • 5 Figure income claims

Sure, release your acra files. If not, shut up. Stop bragging.

The Singapore ‘Internet Marketing’ Industry 

When I started out, I invested in an SEO course and paid $4000. That’s more than a person’s pay in a month.

This SEO ‘guru’ was featured in multiple newspapers, magazines and etc. I eventually found out that his material was outdated and his philosophy towards SEO is cringe worthy and disappointing.

I’ll also like to add in that testimonials can be faked. It’s easy to get a testimonial. You should take a look at the quality of the testimonial. Is the person giving the testimonial focus on emotional selling, boasting, bragging about their ‘internet marketing’ lifestyles… or is it about their results about digital marketing itself?

It can be hard to differentiate a legitimate coach and a false one.

I encourage you to be diligent and do your homework. Some times, a simple Google search isn’t enough. I encourage you to read all my articles on digital marketing, follow me on Facebook, see if you agree or disagree with me. See if I’m boasting about how much money I make, or how much I’ve helped my students and clients.

It seems that everyone’s approach towards internet marketing is: monkey see, monkey do. No one is raising the standards.

That’s because ‘internet marketing’ has:

  • Low barrier to entry

Starting a website is easy. You can go to Weebly, sign up for a free website, and call yourself an internet marketer.

  • False promises of get quick rich schemes to attract get rich quick seeker’s who employ increasingly unethical strategies to make money.

This is also apparent in the investment training niche. ‘Generate 30 percent per annum guaranteed’.

Complete, hog wash.

  • Lack of technical knowledge from consumers

Some of the business owners I speak to think SEO is a scam, or that Google algorithm is always changing. They obviously don’t know what they are talking about. Tactics and strategies change, however, principles stay the same.

  • Low industry regulation

There’s no formal association for this right?

Closing Thoughts

The majority of internet marketers don’t welcome transparency and open discussions. They’ll throw complicated terms, use complicated analytics, threaten with legal action, or use whatever in their swindle playbook to to get there. Call me a callous bastard, but I’d say: screw them all. I don’t want to associate myself with those people, and I’ll never do business with any of them, and neither should you.

There’s a difference between ‘internet marketers’ and ethical SEO consultants, copywriters and digital marketers.

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