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Interview with Heritage Global Fund Founder - Xavier See

Interview with Heritage Global Fund Founder – Xavier See

I had the pleasure of sitting down for a couple of hours with a personal friend of mine. He runs a fund Heritage Global Fund in Singapore managing capital investments up to 8 figures.

Interview with Heritage Global Fund Founder – Xavier See

I’m always interested in how people grow their companies.

Here are our company, I take a digital approach as an SEO expert. However, Xavier grew his fund through a different approach, relying on trust and reputation brought over from his previous position in his tiles manufacturing company.

How to Solve Real Business Problems

In the second part of our interview, we talked about solving real business problems. When he was in the tiles manufacturing industry, manufacturing and selling tiles itself wasn’t the actual solution.

However, customizing the tiles to fit his client’s needs was the real solution. 

This is similar to digital marketing. The real problem isn’t owning a website. However, it’s getting customers and clients. The real problem is generating revenue.

We also touched on differentiation, positioning and how to avoid being a commodity.

Yes, you can have traffic on search engines. However, how can you position yourself as compared to your other choices? How to get your customers to pick you, over their other choices?

I teach all of these in our SEO course.


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