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How Local SEO in Singapore Can Get You Customers in 2018

Firstly, what the hell is local SEO? Why should YOU care? Isn’t SEO in itself complicated enough? Is there a ‘foreign SEO? Okay okay, I know all these sounds confusing to you. Let me explain the local SEO concept in this article.

Okay, here’s why you should care: if you have a strong result on local SEO, you can beat your competitors who are ranking well organically but do not apply local SEO in their strategies. Google places ‘local SEO listings’ above organic results from time to time. If you don’t have strong organic SEO rankings, you can bypass it and rank higher than the ones that do.

Users who searched and found localized results were also considerably more likely to become customers. Local SEO is researched to have the highest return on investment (surprise!) compared to other marketing strategies, because it reaches the largest market of likely consumers.

Sounds great?

Now, let me teach you how you can use local SEO to outrank and outsmart your competitors. You can actually do this on your own, and don’t need to hire an SEO consultant to help you with this.

The Singapore Local SEO Guide

Here’s an example of the search query: Life Coach Singapore.

Local SEO Singapore 01

You can see competitors outranking the first page result using local SEO. 

The Concept: Achieving Consistency on Online Profiles

The concept for local SEO in Singapore is simple. Google wants you to achieve consistency on your online profiles. That’s because they want their users to have the most accurate information possible. Google will crawl these profiles for your business name, phone number, address and URL.

They will compare this information with other sources and how well you rank on local SERPs is determined if Google can find consistent business information that matches the one you supply on your website.

Okay, firstly, you’ll require to publish similar name, address and phone numbers on your online profiles. This can range from social media profiles to review sites.

Step 1: Sign up and Use Google my Business

Secondly, sign up for Google my business, type in your the relevant information and verify it by mail. Yes, Google will send you a free mail.

Step 2: Sites to achieve Consistency On

Remember, you’ll need to have consistent NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBERS on these profiles.

Social Media Profiles:

These accounts are all free, make sure you fill in your physical address, contact number and phone number accordingly.

Review Sites:

Event Sites:

How can event sites help with local SEO? That’s simple, when you host events, you can publish similar address, phone number and business name on these sites. It’s an extra trick and tip to achieve consistency on online profiles.

Step 3: Business Directories in Singapore:

Business directories are a great way to build your first do follow backlinks. They are also a great place to achieve consistency for your name, address and phone number.

There are a lot more directories than these two, however, I’ll be including the top two for this article.

Step 4: Get Your On Page SEO Right

In your title tag, ideally you’ll want to include the country you’re targeting. For example, if you’re target dog training Singapore. You’ll want to include the keyword ‘Singapore’ in your title tag. Unclear about on page SEO? I wrote a huge guide on how to do on page SEO.

Secondly, you’ll want to double check that you’re targeting the right Geographic location in Google webmasters.

Step 5: Online Reviews

When you sign up for platforms such as Facebook or Google my business, you’re now open to reviews. Getting reviews on your services on online profiles is helpful for local SEO. There is research showing that sites with more reviews get shown in local SEO results.

The most common ones are Google reviews and Facebook reviews. You can get your customers leave a positive review you on Google or Facebook. Positive reviews also boost higher click through rates and hence, higher rankings.

Here’s the downside reviews: your competitors may be able to use negative SEO and sabotage you. You got to keep a look out for that and track your reviews. You can use tools such as Google alerts for brand mentions.

Is Local SEO in Singapore Enough?

Google doesn’t always show local SEO results above organic results.

Here’s a quick search query of: SEO Singapore.

Local SEO Singapore

The number one results is still shown above the local SEO results. You should also be optimizing for other keywords. It’s pointless to just drive traffic through one keyword. Furthermore, competitors are able to modify your listing on Google my business.

There are guides on the internet that recommends schema mark ups and etc. It can get quite technical. However, for this guide, I wish to keep it simple. I don’t see the need to complicate local SEO to that extent. Local SEO should be easy and doable for all business owners. If you want an advanced tutorial on local SEO, you can check out our SEO course.

I also think most small business owners in Singapore are unknowledgable about SEO in general, much less local SEO in Singapore. If you’re a start up or a small company with limited resources. You can take advantage of this knowledge gap, apply these local SEO strategies and outrank your top competitors within couple of months.

Here’s my verdict: I didn’t really focus much on local SEO when I started my SEO strategy. I prefer ranking organically. Well, that’s where the fun and the competition is at right? However, local SEO can be powerful when done right, especially in the beginning of your SEO marketing campaign, since organic results take almost half a year to show results. Furthermore, you’re wasting Google real estate space if you aren’t optimizing for local results.

So, why not dominate both organic and local results?

However, do keep in mind that SEO is an overall strategy of user experience, mobile friendliness, link building, press release and high quality content. These minor factors also play a role in local SEO.

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