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Marcus’s Business 2018 Manifesto: Into Entrepreneurship

I started out this site to first advertise my services as an SEO consultant. However, I figured, I preferred teaching and writing. I also didn’t like dealing with clients. Hence, I decided to make a move into SEO courses.

However, as I progressed, I realized I did enjoy writing about psychology, marketing and entrepreneurship. Instead of outsourcing my content to some writer from India, why don’t I start writing about these ideas myself? I have no issues churning out minimally a thousand words daily, it’s something that comes naturally to me.

It also hit me. People didn’t care about SEO as much as they cared about ‘starting a business’ or ‘getting clients’.

Hence, gradually, I decided to expand from dry technical SEO topics to digital marketing concepts and entrepreneurial concepts. Furthermore, I’ve covered almost everything from on page SEO to local SEO.

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Marcus’s Business 2018 Manifesto: Expanding into Entrepreneurship

In 2018, instead of writing dry and technical SEO strategies, I’ll expand into entrepreneurship, copywriting and digital marketing. I noticed that I enjoyed writing about the psychological aspects of these topics as much as the technical aspects.

Secondly, it’s about connecting with your audience. I realized no one cares about SEO or digital marketing. However, almost everyone wants clients and customers. I learnt this bitter business lesson the hard way when I once ran around as a freelancer screaming to business owners: YOU NEED SEO! YOU NEED SEO!

I got took an interest in the art of copywriting, deep customer research and positioning. This happened why I got page one SEO rankings for another project, and I wasn’t converting traffic into clients. I was frustrated and depressed, because I had invested thousands of dollars into SEO training.

Since then, I figured, entrepreneurship or digital marketing is similar to fighting. You can’t just learn how to box. You need to learn how to wrestle and kick.

Thirdly, I have a huge personal vendetta against ‘entrepreneurship’ or ‘self help gurus’ that market false promises.

How often have you heard ‘wealth mentors’ say: it’s all about mindset. What stupid ideology is that? It’s all about mindset? So can I sit under a tree like the fucking Buddha and manifest a profit generating business?

Yes, getting over your psychological fears is important, however, so is systems.

Here’s a Business System:

Step 1: You need to learn how to get targeted traffic to your site

  • This is achieved using SEO

Step 2: You need to position yourself differently from your competitors

  • This is achieved by understanding deep customer research, positioning and the art of copywriting

Step 3: You need to package your services and products in a way that’ll sell

  • This step is hugely psychologically. How can you charge what you’re actually worth?

Here’s NOT a Business System:

Taken from the blog of a ‘investing/ business guru’ that I wasted money on earlier on my twenties.

Marcus Business Manifesto

Ps. Sue me, bitch.
Pss. I already told him outrightly that he’s a scam. He denied of course.

If you think I’m just being a hater:

A a 3% average ROI a month is 42.58% per annum. Warren Buffet does 20% per annum during his best years. That’s an outright scam and a lie.

Change in Perspective

Admittedly, during my earlier twenties, I got into business to ‘make money’. Isn’t it everyone’s goal or dream to ‘make a million dollars’? However, if you take a more matured perspective and say: hey, business is about serving your clients. You’ll be a lot more confident when charging for your services.

Instead of the mindset: I want go get into business to make money.
Here’s a better mindset: How can I serve my clients and students better?

The side effect of serving your clients is profit.

This is partly the reason why I chose to write everything myself. I like having a direct connection with my audience.

Closing Thoughts: Some Other Ideas

Okay, other from the one off hate articles, I’ll be writing about productivity, business systems, email marketing ideas and anything that I think that maybe useful or helpful in business and marketing.

I think fear has a lot to do with business success. There were days where I procrastinated for weeks on getting a sales page up. I had a huge fear of failure. What if it doesn’t sell? What if my clients fucking hates me? What if I posted this article on Facebook and my friends laughed at me?

Hence, I’d like to write a lot about the psychology of entrepreneurship in the near future.

Secondly, I used to have this mantra of: I’LL NEVER SELL TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS. That’s why I got into search engine marketing in the first place. So that my clients would be strangers.

However, I realized that relationships can be powerful if you do it right. No man is an island.

Steve Wozniak needed the marketing genius of Steve Jobs. Warren Buffet needed Charlie Munger to change his investment approach into better businesses. Even Albert Einstein needed a partner to discuss ideas. Well, if Albert Einstein couldn’t do it alone, so shouldn’t you.

Thirdly, I’d like to start using benchmarks a lot more.

Since, I used to be shit in school. Hence, I never liked measuring anything. Grades? Fuck that. Grades aren’t a right metric of success. Well, that may be true in school, however, in business, you’ll live and die by your numbers. In digital marketing, you’ll need key performance indicators such as traffic, subscription rate and conversion rates.

Lastly, my biggest lesson in 2017 was patience. There’s a statistic somewhere that says entrepreneurs don’t make it until their 3.8th project.

To quote Warren Buffet: No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.

I used to be a frazzled entrepreneur jumping in-between freelancing, jobs and University. Some days, I’ll tell someone ‘I’m freelancing’. Some days, I’ll say I’m a student. On good days, I’ll say: I’m an entrepreneur. I also jumped from one project to another. It was only when I stuck to a project to 6 months that it starting show results.

Interestingly, for some reason, unlike how you and I understand naturally that it takes 3-4 years to finish a degree, we expect to be successful financially right off the bat when we ‘start a business’.

Okay, this is my business manifesto for 2018. What are some questions you have about entrepreneurship? You can reply directly or email me.

I read everything.

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