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Marketing is about Values

Marketing is about Values

In the noisy world of digital marketing, the information economy and the multitude of ways to get results, I’ve been left in a distraught space recently. There are old frameworks that worked, newer frames that still work and the evergreen frameworks that’ll work day after day, year after year.

In the world of SEO there a multitude of ways to win:

Best framework: You can rank for your keywords through great content and genuine content promotion, earning powerful do follow backlinks.

Older framework (but still works): You can rank for your commercial keywords through not so great content, however, by understanding how page rank is distributed in your website.

Oldest framework: Splashing out 200 pages targeting long tailed keywords and waiting for ‘Google to give you ranks’, as said by an ‘SEO guru’.

Unethical frameworks: link purchases, black hat SEO and frameworks I don’t understand.

Marketing is about Values

The question is, should you be spending time on X or Y? Should you always aim for the best framework, despite the huge upfront work, the potential for rejection, and the complexity of the model?

Well, as Steve Jobs once said, marketing is about values.

Ethical Marketing 

I had conversation with an engineer who said he’s genetically hardwired to hate marketing and preferred to take an accounting and engineering point of view towards marketing. However, the truth is, the world is run on marketing.

You’re never really purchasing the technology behind Apple computers. You’re buying the perception of the product. However, is the product great? You sure is. Steve Jobs did an even better job by making his marketing great.

Should you use the best framework, or should you be reliant on frameworks that still work? That’s a question I ask myself almost everyday, as an SEO consultant, SEO course educator and entrepreneur.

Ultimately, marketing is about values. What are my values, what are yours? Something to think about.

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