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Marketing Teardown Instagram Story of a Boxing Champion

Marketing Teardown: Instagram Story of a Boxing Champion

I chanced upon an Instagram story and I thought it was interesting how it was written. Recently, I’ve been diving deep into copywriting and positioning.

You can argue, positioning is all of business:

How does the market perceive your products and service competitors as compared to the market?

So what does copywriting got to do with positioning?

Well, copywriting is the art of taking your business’s positioning, and accentuating it.

Marketing Teardown: 1:1 Personal Coaching with a Singapore Boxing Champion

I’m a huge fan of martial arts. Hence, I follow a local boxing champion on Instagram, and from time to time, I click into his Instagram stories.

Here’s what it writes: Marketing Teardown Instagram Story of a Boxing Champion 01

Let’s take a look at this simple copy, and break it down.

‘Because ‘champions’ still need to work to put food on the table. So we are all the same. Unless if you can’t die, then you are special. Hit me up for personal coaching cause if my boxing knowledge can help improve your life, it’s great.

Also, I need money to top up my ezlink, buy food, pay my bulls, buy my morning teh-o/coffee, buy new socks for my fight, buy diapers, pay rent, buy healthy food for my fighr diet, buy tissue for my daily flu/ sinus etc…’

Can you notice something?

The people viewing this Instagram doesn’t care about the fact that he needs money for his daily expenses.

Here’s the rule of thumb: people only care about themselves. It all boils down to: how can you benefit me?

Let’s Take his Copy, Tear it Apart and Make it Twice as Effective

Okay, so, he’s offering 1:1 personalized boxing classes. That’s his pitch. How can boxing improve your life? What do people really care about?

Remember, they care about benefits.

How can you write a short piece of mouth watering copy for 1:1 boxing coaching.

Here’s what I’ll write:

Hit me up for personalized, 1:1 boxing coaching.

  • Feel energized and kick butt through your day
  • Get a customized fun workout that’s laser targeted to help your burn through those stubborn fat
  • You and I are the same. We’re all equal. Train like a world champion today.

I’m opening up 3 spots for 3 special individuals.

For 3 champions.

Direct message me on Instagram NOW.

See the difference?

Now, you’re mastering the psychology of your audience.

No one wakes up and says: I want to help a world champion pay his bills.

Everyone wakes and says:

  • How can I lose weight?
  • How can I attend a fitness class that doesn’t bore me to hell?
  • How can I feel more productive and energized throughout the day?

Copywriting is an Underrated Skill

Copywriting is an underrated skill. I used to IGNORE copywriting for my first three years in digital marketing, only focusing on SEO rankings as an SEO consultant.

I teach all of these in my SEO courses.

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