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6 Signs That ‘Online Marketing’ Course is a Scam

I hate the ‘internet marketing’ and ‘seminar marketing’ community in Singapore. That’s because it’s filled with: SCAMS.

Firstly, I hate to be called an ‘online entrepreneur’ or an ‘online marketer’. Fuck that. I am a fucking entrepreneur. Someone who has provided services to real companies, with real staff, real services and real revenue.

If you’re looking to invest in courses, I’d like to advise you on that. Over the years, I invested into SEO courses and digital marketing courses both from real life mentors and online mentors. I’ve gotten a hang of how to properly differentiate the bullshit from the real deals.

1. Person you are learning from

Here is one of the best videos I came across when research how to differentiate good courses from bad course.

‘Are they standing in front of a private Jet telling you that you can become a millionaire in sixty days?

– Ramit Sethi

This is why I always tell my clients or my students: this isn’t easy, however, if you follow the system and you have the patience, you will get results. I don’t promise Google rankings for both my SEO service and my SEO course.

I don’t sell the ‘make money and work 4 hours a week lifestyle’ and if you read my ton of free advice on business and positioning, you’ll know that it isn’t walk in the park.

2. Track Record of Excellence

Second thing to ask yourself: does that person you’re learning from have a track record of excellence beyond creating an eBook about how to sell more eBooks? You want someone with technical expertise, not marketing fluff.

Which brings me to my next point.

3. Full Names of Their Successful Students – Browse Their Successful Websites

You want Googl-able results. This is something I’m SUPER FOR especially in the investment training industry in Singapore. No one releases their track records and make crazy marketing claims! It’s crazy! If you’re really that rich, why can’t you release your investment record from a small 10K account?

Okay, since we’re on the topic of SEO. You can track my client’s Google rankings here. You can also check my students and client’s testimonials and what they have said about me. When it comes to digital marketing, you want full names, Googl-able results, non-anchor text domain names of successful clients and students. Here a bonus for you: I’ll be releasing my own site’s rankings in due time.

4. Make Sure You’re Considering Joining has Customer Service to Get Technical Support

You want to make sure the course you’re signing up for has great customer support systems in place. This can include follow up coaching sessions, student networking meet ups and etc. You want to make sure that your course you’re signing up for has some sort of support in place whether be it through live meet ups, phone or email.

I personally offer all my students 2 times SEO follow up reviews. When you sign up for my SEO course, it’s not a one and done deal. They are also free to email me any time of the week to ask me about any SEO/ marketing questions.

5. Find The Best Course – Don’t go For Cheap Courses

Lastly, PRICE. There are tons of CHEAP SEO courses and digital marketing courses out there. There’s also companies including up sells, down sells and side sells. I only offer ONE COURSE: you’re going to get all the SEO knowledge you need for the rest of your life within ONE COURSE.

However, it isn’t going to be dirt cheap. That’s because I had spent years and years refining my SEO knowledge. You’d rather spend three thousand dollars on an amazing course than three hundred dollars on a shit-y course that gets you nowhere. This is the same philosophy with SEO services. You can hire some cheap SEO Indian firms that don’t know what they are doing, or you can work with a SEO consultant that has tons of verifiable results.

6. Google around

Take your instructor name and Google them. You’ll find the bad eggs popping up on websites and forums. Avoid them at all cost.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve shamelessly asked for refunds on some of the courses I’ve attended over the years. Some of these courses charge a full month’s pay. You should value your money and time, and if you feel the training isn’t right for you, then go ahead and ask for a refund.

There will be courses with a no refund policy. However, just ask anyway. If the trainer still refuses, you can simply leave a negative review for him on his site. It’s actually not against the law.

Well Marcus, aren’t you afraid of negative reviews yourself? I’m not, that’s because I have Google-able results and if an unhappy customer or student comes my way, there’s nothing I can do to prevent that negative review.

It’s time to raise the training industry standards in Singapore.

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