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Poorly Written Email Examples – Indian SEO Firms Highlights

If you ever wondered how NOT to pitch to someone else, I’ll give you an example.

Over the couple of months, I got pitched by various SEO companies. If you’re an SEO company, using direct email as a form of your outbound marketing strategy, you SHOULD NOT be pitching to OTHER SEO companies (Duh). I am NOT part of your target market. This just goes to show that you’re just scrapping emails off the internet, and emailing them randomly.

How to Never Pitch – Cheap Indian SEO Firms Highlights

Here are some examples that came through my contact form:

How to Never Pitch


Some Pitches in Text

We can put your website on 1st page of Google to drive relevant traffic to your site.

I’m sure you can buddy.

HI Sir/Madam

Can you outsource some, Web design, Mobile apps and SEO business to us?

Tell me why I should? If you actually did a long form email, I might consider.


We are a content marketing (media outreach) firm located in India and can help you get published at high authority blogs/websites.

The fact that you’re in India raises huge red flags. High authority websites? Give me an example and I might actually read on.


We would like to put link to a piece of your content on our site:

You don’t have to ask me. Just link it to me… unless you want a reciprocal link. Which is against Google rules.


Hope you are fine and doing well!

I got your email id from Google search. I provide guest post services.

Obviously low quality guest posting/ article distribution services.

We can help your website to get on first page of Google and increase the number of leads and sales you are getting from your website

Not another one again. Come on, hit me something new.

Today, we’re opening the doors to you…

Looking for Guest Post/Contextual Links? If yes, I’m having Sites with best parameters –

* All are High Keyword rich domains.
* High Traffic
* High PA & DA
* Trust Follow
* All websites are hosted on Unique c – class IP’s.
* They are ranking very well in search engines.
* Strong Backlinks.
* Affordable Prices when compared to other companies.

Special Package –

1 Post – $5
3 Post – $10
50 Post – $100

You can buy 50 posts in 1 month (i.e. 1 March To 31 March) Time period.

Please let me know if you interested So, I can send you more details, sample sites list & best packages.

Selling backlinks? WRONG. Yes, it may work in the short run. However, you’re going against Google rules. I don’t intend to get penalized. You need to be educated. Check out my SEO course.

Dear Sir/Madam

Good afternoon, how are you? This is Ben from Mansion 88 Online Betting company. We are honored to have an opportunity of doing business with your prestigious organization. To further explore the possibility I would like to give a brief description of our field of happiness to register with us and enjoy more of our Partnership Privileges.

We are impressed of your ability, credentials and marketing capabilities to assist Mansion 88 as a global companies in facilitating and promoting international Traffic development, through sales representation using our marketing and business expertise, where we have particularly strong experience and an extensive network of business associates and contacts.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship, as we can help reap the benefits of the global economy and achieve success in partnerships and business synergy. Thank you very much for your kindly concerns, if you do have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or Skype (M88AFFMY).

What do you actually want? What partnership? Field of happiness? International traffic development? That’s a ton of red flags. No, I do not want your partnership privileges.

Closing Thoughts

Okay, I feel evil publishing these examples. I feel like I’m shitting on these people. However, screw it, the SEO industry is rife with spam and scams. I might just do a couple of these posts every half a year. It’s fun and it’s user generated content.

Just so you know, I do accept guest blog posts, you just need to learn how to pitch one.

True SEO is hard work, a long process that’s planned out over half a year. Good SEO isn’t cheap either. When cheap SEO firms come in and undercut the market.

It makes it hard for us SEO consultants and agencies. I may make fun of their strategies, however, I actually think they work to a certain extent. When you send out mass emails like this, a couple of them are going to land.  The business owners find themselves penalized by Google after couple of months, and they think SEO is a scam. SEO isn’t a scam. You just worked with a scammy company.

Note out to all spammy SEO firms: Please stop pitching me and stop emailing me. Unless you want to be featured on my blog (I’ll make fun of you).

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