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Hi there,

I am Marcus, founder, SEO Consultant, SEO expert, editor and writer of Pink Elephant Consultancy.

Here’s my motto: I create websites that sell. 

I helping businesses in Singapore with a clear digital marketing demand get found on Google.

SEO Consultant Singapore

The Singapore SEO Consultant

For the last 5 years, I consulted clients in Singapore on website development, SEO and built businesses on my own.

Consulting business owners in Singapore gave me important insight into the digital marketing strategies of these companies.

They are NOT maximizing their potential of using SEO as a marketing strategy. SEO isn’t applied correctly on a small medium enterprise level in Singapore. Start ups and small medium enterprises in Singapore can benefit a lot from low cost styled of marketing strategies such as SEO

Here’s the cold harsh truth about 90% of websites in Singapore:

  • They aren’t nice to read
  • They can’t be found on Google
  • They are not generating any leads or sales

How did I become a SEO Consultant in Singapore?

You see, just like you, I once create websites that didn’t get any traffic.

I started off building a website for my father’s business using Weebly. He was a humble fishmonger that works in the local wet market. The idea was to go online to get him more deals islandwide in Singapore so that I can get a cut from it. I built him a website using Weebly and a restaurant from Marina Bay Sands called him a few months later wanting to place a huge order.

Needless to say, I was hooked.

If you are like me, you hate idea of traditional marketing methods such as hiring telemarketers or pushing out flyers.

You’ll preferred the idea of creating a website, invest time and effort into it, and then let it reap the rewards for years and years to come.

How Did You Learn SEO and Became an SEO Expert? 

I’ve invested in tens of thousands of dollars in my digital marketing education. I’ve purchased top tiered, online programs, live programs from both Singapore and worldwide renowned experts in the digital marketing world and tested out their strategies out one by one.

I’ve studied books such as 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, and to dived deep into SEO, blogging, content marketing, and web development.

If you ever work with me, or purchase any of our courses, you can be rest assured you’re getting the creme of the crop knowledge, not just in Singapore, but from all over the world.

That is one of the reasons why I launched write everything myself, compile ideas of my own, did all the research on my own.

You see, SEO is just part of the puzzle.

I see myself more of a business consultant than purely an SEO consultant or an SEO expert.

I’ve helped multiple businesses, including my own, not only in their digital marketing efforts, but also their bottomoline revenue.

SEO ultimately should be used as a business solution that encompasses user experience, branding, engagement and quality content as opposed to just technical aspects of SEO.

If you decide to work with me, you’ll not only get my SEO strategies, you also get my business strategies.

How The New World of SEO can Help Your Business Grow

Singapore SEO Consultant 02

You got to make your marketing wow. It’s 2017. Stop keyword stuffing!

  • Pure SEO versus user experience

Companies are looking for business solutions, not traffic solutions.

These days, it doesn’t matter if you’re the highest ranked on Google. It’s about user experience and branding.

This is why I choose the name: Pink Elephant Consultancy, instead of some boring SEO company name with the term ‘SEO’ in it.

Instead of thinking from a purely rankings perspective, I take a user experience, an inbound marketing perspective.

Well, Marcus, you’re confusing me. What do you mean? That means:

  • What you write on your site matters
  • Your site design matters
  • Your site photos matters
  • How your site function matters

So… Why the Focus on User Experience and Branding? 

How did Google dominate the search engine market and push out competitors like Yahoo and Bing?

Simple: User experience, trust and authority. 

Google’s purpose is to retrieve reliable and quality content for internet users. They want to be trusted by users from all over the world. Hence, Google demands that websites produce high quality content and uses user inferface that is user friendly to internet users.

Why Work with Me

I am an Entrepreneur, Not just an SEO Consultant: I Know The Problem 95% of Business Owners in Singapore Face

95% of business owners in Singapore own a website. However, most of their websites are white elephants. 

  • There’s no web traffic
  • They focus only on website design but ignore marketing

Ultimately, if you’re a small business owner or looking to start a business. You’ll need sales. Before there are sales, you need leads!

Spending all your money into a beautiful web design isn’t enough. There’s no use in creating a website that no one visits.

Yes, I can do a good job in web design and have the ability to build sophisticated beautiful websites.

However, I focus 95% of my efforts into marketing my website through to get leads and sales in the shortest time possible.

Here are one important questions to ask yourself:

  • How are you going to get your leads?
  • What are your lead generation strategies?
  • What’s the return on investment?
  • Can it be tracked and traced?
  • Is your traffic coming from SEO or pay per click?

Testimonials from Past Clients

What does an SEO Consultant Do: SEO Consultant Services

“How well you’re taking care of your own website is how you will take care of mine.” – SEO Hacker

SEO Consultant Singapore

  • Complete Briefing on the Nature of SEO and areas of Responsibilities

SEO services are unique in nature.

There are grey and whites about in the nature of SEO projects, and the technical differents on how content management/ access/ permissions should be handled.

I’ll be 100% upfront, and will brief clients on this.

  • Extra Costs Will be Let Known Upfront

I’ll let you know upfront on the aspects of content development, the hiring of specializing developers, and extra overheads for the SEO campaign (if there is a need be).

These costs will be declared up front! If there’s a technical issue take uprises from executing the SEO campaign we can’t solve without the need for specialized help, they’ll be made known in advance.

  • White Hat SEO Tactics

I take a ‘White Hat’ approach towards SEO.

This means: User experience, latent semantic indexing, compelling meta descriptions, branding, authority, trust and all that good stuff.

No fanciful paid links.

  • Tracking of Google analytics and Key Performance Indicators

No point in executing on SEO and not looking at data right?

I take a measured approach towards SEO. Key performance indicators range from bounce rate, time spent and keyword rankings.

  • The SEO Measurement Performance Report 

Our company issues a SEO report before any campaign is started, and agree/ educate on key performance indicators that our clients has agreed on.

It’s also noted that clients have to be realistic about rankings and etc. according to their SEO budget. Quality content is the long run game for good rankings. There is no way about it. Stuffing keywords, keyword density and old school tactics no longer work. It’s about publishing great content. If a company decides to scrimp on content, there’s no way that your website is going to rank well in Google, despite all SEO efforts.

  • Customer Service and Support

Email/ Phone Support:

You can email, Whatsapp, call, me anytime, though, and I’ll return your email in within the day. Even on the weekends. I’m a work addict like that.

PS. Calling and screaming at me in 3 in the morning for a wrong sized uploaded logo on your website won’t do any of us good.

Technical Support: 

It’s our client’s responsibility to do their own backup, before handing over administrative control of the website to me. However, I’ll be providing the extra back up technical support if requested.

Entrepreneurial Support:

I’m not just a web designer, WordPress developer or an SEO consultant. I am an entrepreneur. You’re free to pick my brains on branding, positioning, stocks (another interest of mine), how many pet dogs I have and etc. I’ll be happy to share.

  • Legal Contracts

We’re dealing with online profiles and assets, and the nature of work often falls in grey areas.

Having a terms and conditioned signed will protect both you, the client, and I.

Not to worry, I use a simple SEO contract template done up by MOZ, an SEO industry leader with slight adjustments of my own.

Our Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

Our Services: 

100% money back guarantee within the first 14 days, no questions asked, just email me, and you’ll get your refund

Our Courses:

100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days, no questions asked, just email me, and you’ll get your refund

Legal Information

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