SEO Course

Our company is providing small group coaching, personalized, SEO course, training in Singapore.

Why Learn SEO? 

SEO Course

SEO is the art of science of being able to generate leads and enquries through search engines such as Google.

Is SEO a Sought after Skill Set in Singapore?

It is little surprise that a Linkedin Survey found that SEO, along with many other digital marketing skill sets, is highly sought after by Singaporean employers. SEO marketers play an important role in the sales and marketing systems of any business, generating cash flow and sales for the business.

Having strong rankings on Google’s search results for commercial and competitive keywords is helpful for a business to generate consistent leads and inquiries.

Should You Train Your Staff in SEO? 

Outsourcing to an SEO consultant like me is a solution that businesses can use if they prefer not to have any in-house marketing team.

However, some businesses prefer to have an in-house full-time web developer that is SEO trained so that sales and marketing efforts online can be coordinated with sales and marketing offline.

Here are some of the advantages: 

  • Easier Content Synchronization
  • Personalized Content For Personal Branding
  • Better Internal Coordination

Sometimes, SEO consultants are handling multiple SEO clients are any particular instance and are unable to take special care and attention of all our clients at a similar time.

Online marketing efforts can be miscommunicated through email, and clients might have specific instructions that SEO agencies like us won’t be able to attend to.

Why Learn SEO From Me? 

  • I got results that you can readily Google right now, including past testimonials from SEO clients.
  • I used to coach 300 men a day in the Singapore Armed Forces. I’m pretty damn good at coaching.

How to Subsidize SEO Training in Singapore? 

SEO training in Singapore can be subsidized by the (PIC) Productivity and Innovation claim. SEO courses are also subsidized by Singapore government grants such as Skills Future.

Our SEO Course Curriculum

How to Do Keyword Research

  • How to do Keyword Research
  • How to Use Google Analytics, Search Console for SEO
  • How to Check For Google Penalties From Search Console
  • How to Use Traffic Reports from Google Analytics

Content Development

  1. How to Create 10X Content for the New World of SEO
  2. How to Write Compelling SEO Titles
  3. How to Outsource Your Content

Technical SEO 

  1. XML Sitemap and User Sitemap Installation
  2. Bing Webmaster Sitemap Submission
  3. Perma Links Structure
  4. Broken Links
  5. Robot.Txts
  6. Https
  7. Server Location Check
  8. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Check
  9. SEO Plugins Installation
  10. Google Search Console Targeting
  11. Internal Linking Structure: Distribution of Internal Page Rank
  12. Mobile Friendliness
  13. How to Increase Page Speeds
  14. Migrating to a Mobile Friendly Theme

How to Perform On Page SEO 

  1. Title Tag
  2. Latent Semantic Indexing Check
  3. Images Optimization
  4. Relevant Content Check
  5. Quality Content Check
  6. Duplicate Content Check
  7. Inclusion of Targetted Keywords in Meta Description
  8. Spelling Errors

Off Page SEO Procedure

  1. Social Media Account Set Ups
  2. Social Media Link Building and Sharing
  3. Link Building Strategies
  4. How to List on Relevant Business Directories
  5. How to do an SEO Evaluation
  6. Competitor and Niche Analysis Using the MOZ SEO Tool
  7. Determining Key Performance Indicators and Setting Expectations
  8. Determining SEO Budget

Local SEO 

  1. How to do Local SEO

Negative SEO Procedure

  1. Tackling Google Penalties
  2. How to Disavow Negative SEO Links

How to Tracking of SEO Success

  1. Compare and Contrast Search Queries in Google Analytics
  2. Compare and Contrast User Acquisition in Google Analytics
  3. Compare and Contrast Search Rankings Of Keywords That are Determined Upon
  4. Compare and Contrast Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

My Results for Past Clients… and My Own Entrepreneurial Projects!

SEO Results 02


You can also check out my testimonials from past clients here, here, and here.

How To Determine a Legit SEO Course?

Not all SEO courses and training providers are created equal, unfortunately, the internet marketing industry in Singapore at times is polluted with fakes and scams.

Firstly, you should read  Google Guidelines on SEO.

Secondly, ask yourself this question:

  • Is the SEO course trainer a currently active operating SEO agency or consulting business?
  • Is the SEO course trainer Google Partnered Certified?
  • Is the SEO course trainer ranked for competitive keywords related to the SEO niche?
  • Does the SEO course trainer have results from students, clients that you can Google and verify yourself?

Some Indicators You Should Use Before Attending SEO Courses:

  • Keyword rankings are not an indicator if a course is worth attending, but it should be used to measure the training provider’s ability to execute SEO on his own
  • Testimonials from students with SEO-ed websites that you can Google and check
  • Live SEO portfolio that you can Google and check
  • Google Partnered/ Certified Businesses
  • Companies ability to execute their own SEO that you can Google and check

Poor Indicators:

There’s been an explosion the rise of internet marketing seminars in Singapore.

The common marketing pitch: Earn cash and work from home. You’ll have time to pursue your passion, take care of your kids, travel the world etc.

  • SEO courses and consultants that aren’t actively consulting SEO (I made this mistake before)
  • People selling the internet marketing lifestyle (make money online etc.)
  • Planes *Erhem*
  • ‘Branded’ academies, schools and etc. Having a school or academy behind your SEO courses don’t mean that your course is good.

One other business model that’s popular is seminar selling: The people that signed up and paid for the seminar will then be taught on how to use the seminar selling strategies to recruit more people through the seminar and so on and forth. Be careful of those.

What Customer Support You Can Expect from Me?

  • Whatsapp/ Phone/ Email Support
  • I’m not just an SEO consultant or a web designer, I am an entrepreneur, you can solicit business advice from me.

I’m Not Taking in any SEO Training Clients

Firstly, I want to do a good job teaching and I want you to get results. I don’t want to be flamed on the internet as a coach that sells scammy courses. So, if you’re not willing to learn and pay attention, you’ll probably waste my time and your money, and won’t get results in your SEO campaigns.

Secondly, well, I could be doing something else more important in my life.

Now, with all that put aside, if you’re ready, then sign on up.

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