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Is SEO a One Time Package? Or Is it an On Going Process?

Can you hire an SEO consultant for 6 months, rank a couple of keywords, get a little bit of sales, and call it a day? Or is SEO something that is a constant work in progress? I’d say: the latter. I’m not saying this because I’m providing SEO services or teaching SEO courses, I’m saying this because there’s always room for improvement in SEO.

I’ll give you an example of the SEO niche in Singapore.

SEO Niche Keywords:

Here are the keywords related to my niche and industry:

Is SEO a One and Done Deal, or Is It an On Going Process?  

Currently, I’m optimizing for the keyword: SEO consultant. However, when I’m done with that, I could be target keywords such as: local SEO Singapore, SEO agency, SEO company, SEO experts.

These are highly commercial keywords that has a high potential to bring in sales.

This applies to most businesses out there. There are always more keywords to target.

If you’re a small medium enterprise in Singapore, I’m sure your market has a lot more keywords than just a couple of keywords to target. If you’re not looking for more competitive keywords with higher search volume to rank for, then let’s just say you’re not interested in growing your business.


Let’s not forget that you have competitors also chasing your tail, building more links, attempting to outrank you every single day. You may even suffer from link rot if you stop building quality links from quality sites.

I Invested in SEO 6 Months ago, It’s Not Working, ‘SEO is a Scam’

I know that a lot of business owners think that SEO is a scam. I get that a lot.

Okay, let’s say you hired some dingy Indian SEO company that charges you $500 per month and guarantees you page one rankings. You paid them for 6 months and aren’t seeing any results.

Here are some questions you should ask your SEO company:

  • What keywords am I targeting? Am I targeting the right keywords with the right search volume?
  • What are my actual keywords rankings? Can I track them?

There are so many business owners that aren’t educated in the area of SEO. They end up investing in some cheap SEO service that targets non-competitive keywords with low search volume. SEO isn’t a scam. There are tons of websites that use SEO and apply it correctly. If it’s not working for you, this is something you need to further educate yourself on.

High Rankings but Poor Conversions? 

Now, you may have higher rankings than you competitors, however, what if you aren’t converting as much as them?

Can you re-write your content in a more engaging manner. How about your bounce rates and time spent on page? These are metrics that can signal you if you’re putting quality content that fits your user’s needs or not.

Keeping up with the Times

Google is constantly updating their search algorithm. The basics still stay the same: high quality content and backlinks. However, if you’re not keeping up with their updates, you might end up losing your rankings positions by one or two to your competitors.

Some important Google updates:

The SEO agency you hired may be using outdated techniques to rank you in Google.

Your rankings aren’t going to stay there when your competitors start aligning their SEO practices with Google’s latest updates.

What Should You Do?

  • Look at your current SEO rankings

Look at the search queries you’re currently ranked for. Can you target new keywords with higher search demand and are more competitive?

If you don’t trust your SEO consultant, you can DIY this with Google keyword planner. It’s free.

Well, SEO should be a one and done deal when your SEO consultant is bullshitting you. This happens a lot because many business owners aren’t educated in the aspect of SEO. He may be showing you results that isn’t effective at all: easy to rank for keywords with little to no search volume.

  • Audit your content 

How are users behaving on your website? You can audit this with Google analytics.

Can you create content that increases time spent on page and lower your bounce rate? These are indicators of content that fits your audience needs. Can you better your on page SEO? Can you improve your click through rate on your SERP results by writing persuasively? 

  • Study the latest Google update

Here are the latest Google updates you need to take note of 1) making your site mobile friendly 2) installing SSL 3) increasing your site speed.

  • Diversify to other forms of digital marketing 

Can you build up your email sales funnels? Can you run Facebook ads? Have you tracked your pay per click results?

Long Term Solution: Training an In-House Team 

You see, SEO isn’t a one and done deal. It’s an on going process. You might think that Google changes it’s search algorithm rapidly. That’s utter rubbish that SEO companies tell you to keep you hiring them. They don’t. However, they do have updates that can affect your rankings.

Secondly, there are also more keywords to target. I haven’t met a single business that has all their keywords down. You should be optimizing for more competitive keywords to grow your business.

Thirdly, you can always micro in on your conversion rates, time spent on page and bounce rates. You can also write more persuasive copy, test if the number of enquiries increase, test for email subscription rates and etc.

Sounds too advanced?

Well, I one solution recommend most business owners to train an in house marketing team. It’s hard to coordinate these efforts with an outsourced SEO consultant. I’m sure most businesses has a marketing team. Your current marketing trainee might not be versed in SEO, however, if he or she is trained in SEO, he or she can synchronize your non digital marketing efforts with your SEO campaign.

Or if you’re a business owner yourself, you may want to be well versed in SEO, so that if your staff leaves, you can retrain your new employees.

SEO isn’t a one time and done deal, it is a constant work in progress.

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