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Here’s the cold harsh truth about most websites on the internet: They do not have traffic, much less targeted traffic. These websites do not generate any views, any conversions, any sales and any income.

Sounds familiar?

Well, you may be in the same positon as I was 5 years a go. I started a blog, spent a year redesigning my website, and guess what.

There was the sound of crickets.

Imagine purchasing a website for a year straight and not having traffic. You’ve waste all your time and money on a website that has:

  • No traffic
  • No sales
  • No income

This is why, over the last 5 years, I’ve invested in tens of thousands of dollars on my digital marketing education. I’ve purchased top tiered, online programs, live programs from the worldwide renowned experts in the digital marketing world, and tested out their strategies out one by one.

If you ever work with me, or purchase any of our courses, you can be rest assured you’re getting the best knowledge, not just in Singapore, but from all over the world.

You see, I also once spent more than a month’s salary on ‘SEO gurus’ that don’t have Google-able results. However, at the end of the day, if they don’t have results that you can Google, it’s pointless.

However, if you work with me, you can just Google us from your own laptop, and verify those results yourself.

Would you rather work or learn from…

  • Cheap SEO Indian firm or someone with Google-able rankings?
  • Work with a digital marketing expert who isn’t just good at SEO, but at all other areas?
  • Work with someone who don’t care about your bottom-line, and just care about SEO rankings, or work with someone who knows your real business problems.

Here are what my previous clients have to say about me:

Isn’t a Website Enough? Why is SEO Services Needed?

The goal of SEO Services is to drive laser targetted website traffic, leads, sales and enquries to your website.

Having a pretty and beautiful website on its own not enough for your business. It’s as good as having a beautifully designed shop with no customers walking past or into it.

The whole purpose of having a website is to enable customers to find you online right?

Imagine having fantastic products but not being found on Google?

You’re not tapping into the hundreds of people that are hungry potential buyers of your product or service.

Still… Why? 


Singaporeans are found to use the internet for:

Comparing choices: 42%
Immediate purchasing of product: 26%
Looking for opinions and reviews: 25%
Looking for inspiration: 25%

60% of Singaporeans use a search engine to help them in the purchase process before they bought their last product.

Top 10 websites Singaporeans go to:


Powerful Reasons to Use SEO

  • Free Website Traffic

The traffic acquired through SEO is free. Investing in SEO saves business advertising cost in the long run.

For Eg. If people pay up to 10 dollars for ONE CLICK in your industry to your website, you’re potentially saving 10 dollars or more worth of advertising cost every time someone clicks ONCE into your website.

There are niches (Forex Companies are paying 40 dollars per click) where people to paying for 40 dollars PER CLICK for their paid advertising campaign.

  • SEO is Your 24/7 Salesman

Google is there for 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Having a website well ranked on Google is equivalent to having a salesman who works for your 24/7, 365 days a year.

Unlike other advertising or marketing platforms, such as brochures, telemarketing, and traditional advertising platforms, your website is up on Google for 24 hours a day. Google doesn’t shut down or run away.

  • SEO is Laser Targeted

Unlike traditional marketing channels such as radio or TV commercials, SEO enables you to laser target your marketing to the point that the people that visit your website are hungry buying potential consumers and customers.

Unlike other advertising or marketing platforms such as radio or television, the effort, and capital invested in SEO is laser targetted.

  • SEO Helps You Get Consistent lead and Enquries

Dominating Google search queries in your industry will bring you consistent leads and enquiries for your business.

  • SEO Is Cheaper and more Trackable Than Traditional Advertising

SEO can be measured, like a scientist.

What is Your SEO Process?

I’m glad you asked. Here you go: Our white hat SEO process:

  • Keyword Research
  • Site Restructuring
  • On Page SEO
  • White Hat Link Building Outreach
  • User Experience Audit
  • Data Analysis

So… If I Hire You… How Can I Know SEO is Working?

It’s simple: Using Key Performance Metrics. KPIs!

Here are the SEO metrics that can be measured:

  • Increase in Organic Traffic through Google analytics data
  • Keywords Ranking Tracking for Keywords with Commercial Intent and Search Volume
  • Increase in Click Through Rate from Google SERPs
  • Time Spent on Pages or Posts
  • Bounce Rate

Don’t worry if all of these don’t make any sense to you. I’ll explain it to you if required.

SEO Services Singapore

Can You Guarantee Page 1 Rankings, Unlimited Sales or World Domination?

Unfortunately no. I can’t guarantee first page rankings. Or world domination for that matter. 🙁

Google themselves has clarified in Google Webmaster Guidelines to stay away from anyone that guarantee rankings as part of their SEO service.

How Long Does SEO Take?

If you haven’t noticed: Google doesn’t shift their results daily.

Research shows that SEO takes 4-6 months to be implemented. SEO consultants aren’t God (even though we wish to be) and our SEO process isn’t magic. There are structures and processes.

SEO is a time-consuming process that involves content creation, site restructuring, link building, on page SEO and content promotion.

How is Your SEO Service Charged?

Our SEO services are charged on a monthly retainer basis, on a two-month up front deposit basis.

This is to ensure our company tries our best to get your desired search engine rankings within the shortest amount of time. This is also to prevent clients from breaching the SEO contract once results are delivered.

But… Why Is Your SEO Services So Expensive?

Well, firstly, I’m not an Indian firm that promises you page 1 rankings for $500 a month.

Secondly, if you read my blog, you’ll understand that good SEO is a time consuming, intellectually challenging process.

In fact, the research shows that majority of SEO consultant is charging $101-150 per hour.

What Customer Support To Expect as an SEO Client?

SEO clients can expect a once a month report from me.

Once a Month SEO Report:

  • SEO Keyword Rankings Report
  • Google Analytics Data Report

Email and Phone Support:

  • You can call/ Whatsapp/ Email me. I’ll reply you as soon as possible. Just not at 3 in the morning.

Entrepreneurial Support:

  • I’m not just a web designer or an SEO consultant. I am an entrepreneur. You can solicit me for business advice. Just not at 3 in the morning.

Now, Are You Ready to Be my SEO Client?

I’m won’t be merely be working with anyone.

Here’s one painful and frustrating thing I encountered during my SEO freelancer days. I worked with clients who not only underpaid me, and paid me late. It was extremely frustrating and even depressing at times, after all, I was just a broke University student then.

Imagine giving it your all for a client, only to feel undervalued and having to call them to beg for payment?

This is why I want to make sure that our relationship is a WIN-WIN. 

If you aren’t satisfied with our consultation and services for the first 14 days, I provide you with a 100% full refund, no questions asked and you and I go our separate different ways.

I also only choose to only work with a small handful of clients who values and understand my work.

Here are the guidelines to adhere to if you want your SEO results and a positive working relationship with me:

The nature of online projects is such that there are grey areas of responsibility:

Content addition and subtraction are part and parcel of our SEO service and changes made to the client’s website should be allowed and agree on before hand. Change is required for better results, allow me to do my job.

This involves adding text to post or pages that might lead to changes on your website.

SEO clients have to be aware of this and inform me of any particular aspect of your website that you do NOT want to change before hand.


  • Our company isn’t responsible for changes made by your/ external website developers
  • Content and website management isn’t part of my jobs as an SEO
  • Your company is responsible for backing up your own website, our company will back it up for you, but we won’t be responsible for it
  • If required, website design and content development costs are charged separately from our SEO services

I’m only limiting my clientele to only 5 a month.

Now, are you ready to be an SEO client?

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