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Should I Document the Journey of Building an Online Business

Should I Document the Journey of Building an Online Business?

I started off with my digital marketing career as an SEO consultant in Singapore, coming from an SEO background.

However, recently, I made a huge investment into learning the ropes of creating an online business.

This means:

  • Creating online products such as online courses
  • Tapping into the entire internet as my potential customer, not limiting myself to local search results

The Learning Curve of Building an Online Business

Here’s what I realized:

The learning curve of starting an online business is HUGE. I also learned a great deal about digital marketing in general just by investing in one course. I had to learn about copywriting, positioning and email marketing.

There are definitely overlaps that can be applied in my SEO consulting business.

The Different Models 

Creating online products aren’t the only way to create online businesses. There are different business models such as launching a consultancy, ranking a website, lead generation that allows you to work off your laptop.

This was one of the reasons why I started Pink Elephant Consultancy. I wanted to be able to handle SEO projects location independently.

Documenting the Journey of Building an Online Business

Whilst I’m keeping my business, providing SEO courses and services to Singapore small medium enterprises, a interesting way to curate content is to document my journey of starting a completely online, online business.

The learning curve is steep and just by documenting my ideas, I’m pretty sure my audience are able to learn something from it.

What do you think?

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