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Should You Focus On Making YouTube Videos

Should You Make YouTube Videos To Grow Your Business?

Recently, I’ve been playing around with creating videos for YouTube, getting a couple of my friends who are entrepreneurs and freelancers together to record some of their business growth strategies.

I did it because it was fun, and I was bored of writing articles like this one.

However, it’s important to note that what will drive true business results to your business. What are you trying to achieve with your business?

Cut through the bullshit and your business goals should be:

  • Sales
  • Revenue

However, unfortunately, YouTube videos will not help you achieve that. That’s because people that go on YouTube do NOT have a clear commercial demand. This is unlike ranking for commercial keywords in your industry or niche with SEO keywords.

One of my friend called me a couple days later and asked me: can you do YouTube videos for ‘branding’. I’m sure you could. However, drive results and sales first. Then you have the time for branding.

Focus on One Marketing Channel and a Singular Goal

I told my friend, you should be focused on search engine optimization for Google, or one singular marketing channel before moving on to the next one.

It’s hard to focus on a single marketing channel, or even a single keyword. This was my huge problem when I started out as a Singapore SEO consultant. I wanted to rank for multiple keywords at a go.

I also wanted my site to be perfect, beautiful, and spent my time re-designing my site as compared to publishing high quality content.

Should You Focus On Making YouTube Videos 02

When Can YouTube be Useful?

YouTube can be a huge catalyst when it comes to driving traffic and engagement to your site, down the line. Combined with a powerful email marketing strategy, you’ll be able to build your email list effectively with traffic from Youtube.

Nicely curated videos are always great for ‘branding’ purposes.

YouTube is an avenue where you build natural no follow links to your site, which helps in overall SEO.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re a starting out entrepreneur, freelancer, or a business owner, what ONE keyword can you focus to rank for to FOCUS on increasing your bottom-line: sales and revenue?

How can you cut out the noise and focus on a singular marketing goal?


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