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Should You Quit Freelancing 02

Should You Quit Freelancing and Become an Entrepreneur?

I was once a ‘freelancer’, reaching out to family members of my own and my friends, pitching them deals, attempting to ‘hustle’, as they call it.

When I left University, I attempted to write a blog. I thought it was easy. I end up spending hours redesigning my website and gave up after 4 months. I then brokered deals between small medium enterprises in Singapore and IT companies when PIC deals were offering cash kickbacks by the Singapore government. They were easy to sell. However, that didn’t last, the government caught up to it and clamped down fast.

That didn’t last. So I thought, I should get into the ‘make money online niche’. I paid good money to learn from someone who calls himself an ‘affiliate marketer’. However, I was marketing spammy and unethical products that didn’t have any economic value.

I didn’t want that for my life.

Eventually, I paid top dollar to attend ethical digital marketing courses. I followed up with freelancing for a couple of projects. I moved on to providing freelance SEO services.  Eventually, I got tired of being underpaid as a freelancer and chasing clients for payment.

However, in the two projects, I helped two companies generate cold, organic leads through Google over the period of 6 months.

At that point in time, I was still severely limited in my digital marketing skillsets. I didn’t know what positioning, deep customer research was and I merely relied on enthusiasm as a sales strategy.

Both companies I freelanced for always paid late, (despite delivering results) and it was frustrating as a freelancer.

Eventually, I lost two freelance marketing projects due to politics. Yes, politics as a freelancer! Can you imagine? That was when I gave up for a little while as an entrepreneur.

Should You Quit Freelancing 03

The Change: From Freelancer to Entrepreneur

However, as I back in University doing my accounting degree. I still had a fire in me. I decided to be an entrepreneur. I was driven by revenge and bitterness. I was going to shove it in their faces. The people who screwed me over.

I realized:

  • Needed to be able to pick my clients as an SEO consultant
  • Why was I wasting my time building marketing systems generating profits for my clients when I could be doing them for myself?
  • Since I had produced a couple of results for two companies. I thought to myself, why don’t I start a business and get results for myself?

Overcoming Fears I Had:

I didn’t do well in my academic career, with almost straight Us in Junior college and I barely passed my Economics Diploma in University. Who was I to declare myself an entrepreneur and a business owner? Not to mention that I fell face flat in my first couple of entrepreneurial projects.

Overcoming my Fears:

I had read a lot outside of school, from business books to finance books. I had the enthusiasm minimally. I had negotiated deals up to $15,000 during my freelancing days. I no longer want to be bullied and undercut by my clients. Hence, I needed a brand for my services.

It was either making it as an entrepreneur or going back to accounting school, ending up in a finance career that I had lost interest in. Furthermore, a major bank rejected my application last minute for a sales role because I wanted to further my studies. I need the flexibility and freedom as an entrepreneur.

Should You Quit Freelancing and Become an Entrepreneur?

You probably have a skillset right now that you’re being paid by the hour for it. You probably get your clients through friends and relatives. However, sometimes, when it comes to friends and relatives, they may ask for discounts or extra services that do not justify your time and effort put in.

What if I told you that you can reach out to the untapped potential of Google?

You can build your own brand, get found on Google, get clients to revere your work and even have the option of picking your clients?

I’m pretty petty when it comes to clients abusing my work, here’s what I did recently to an annoying client:

Should You Quit Freelancing 02


If you decide on quitting as a freelancer and start thinking as an entrepreneur, you should check out our SEO course. I teach complete beginners how to start their own website, get found on Google, and convert their traffic into paying clients.

See you on the other side.

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