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Singapore Social Media Statistics 03

Singapore Social Media Insights, Usage and Statistics 2017

Looking for social media statistics? What can social media statistics tell you about how you should approach your business? Take a moment and look around you as you walk down the streets. What are people doing? They are on their phones, either playing a game, browsing Facebook, Tweeting, YouTubing or… Googling.

Don’t believe me just yet?

What about when you’re bored and waiting for that asshole of that late boyfriend/girlfriend to show up on time?

Yes, we open up our mobile phones and go on Google, Facebook, Snapchat or Youtube.

 “Singaporeans are some of the most connected consumers in the world. Wherever you are – sitting on the MRT, shopping in a mall, eating in a restaurant – you’re bound to see young people on their smartphones.”

– Said Mr Jon Foged, managing director of TNS Singapore

Not convinced just yet? Let’s chew on some stats:

Social Media Statistics in Singapore

As of 1 January 2017, the population of Singapore was estimated to be 5 775 626 people. The digital penetration in Singapore through the internet is around 4/5.

Singapore Social Media Statistics

Hi beautiful. Says phone. Not you.

Half of Singaporeans are also found to go online to compare choices before making a purchase. Studies also show that Singaporeans frequently researched online, and purchase offline. (You untrusting people, you). Businesses often offer discount coupons online to entice Singaporean customers.

Singaporeans are also found to be more likely to use smartphones than computers to browse the internet. (Hence all the pretty girls in clubs staring into their phones. Pfff.)

Singapore also boasts the highest smart phone adoption in the world, at eight-fucking-five percent. If that doesn’t sound geeky to you. Wait till you hear this. We’re also found to use an average of 3.3 electronic devices a day, one of the highest rates in the world.

Oh, not forgetting the cam whores. Singaporeans also mostly use their phones to take photos.

Facebook Users

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Singapore. In 2018, the number of Facebook users in Singapore is expected to reach 3.2 million, up from 2.9 million in 2016. That’s more than half of the population in Singapore.

Through Facebook marketing, you’re able to slice and dice demographics according the age, race, gender, likes and dislikes. Facebook marketing strategies has the ability to target laser targetted audience as well.

Twitter Users

Twitter has 2.5 million users in Singapore, that’s almost half our population. Oh, our most recently elected president has her own Twitter Icon.

Youtube Users

Youtube is found to have almost 4 million users in Singapore.

Singaporeans are found to mainly watch Youtube videos to be entertained or inspired. They are often watched whilst traveling and commuting. Come on, there’s no need for that. Just read this blog. I’ll inspire you to start a business on your own, go read my how to do on page SEO on your own guide.

Okay, what if you’re an SME owner in Singapore reading this blog post? Well, small medium enterprises in Singapore can capitalise and create motivational or entertainment content to reach out to Singaporean audiences.

Instagram Users

There are 1.4 million Instagram users in Singapore. 85% of 18-24 years old in Singapore uses Instagram. Food and lifestyle bloggers in Singapore often use Instagram as a platform to drive traffic to their blogs.

Fun fact: The hashtag #50 has been leveraged in Singapore by both users and brands alongside Singapore’s year long celebration.

There are countless “influencers” in Singapore who has built their online profiles and monetize them by advertising blog shops and small businesses through their Instagram profile.

Now, go grab a selfie.

Snap Chat and Instagram Statistics

Singapore ranks behind Hong Kong and Malaysia in terms of penetration for social media apps Instagram and Snapchat at 63% and 37% respectively

Social Media Statistics Singapore 03


Unlike SEO, where search results are displayed indefinitely and where users are mostly look for ‘How Tos’ and Tutorials. Snapchat sets itself apart from other photo sharing apps by having a time limit on its posts. After some time, they become inaccessible.

Using Snap Chat to market your business is probably something different in Singapore. However, it might not be too early to start a trend or leverage on the platform. There’s no reason why huge brands can’t leverage on these platform to build a following.

Let’s Not Forget the Smaller Guys

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and Google probably make up 80% of the digital pie in Singapore.

PinInterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google plus are all avenues that you can publish content and build social media links and engagement for your business.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn has 520,000 users in Singapore. I personally publish my articles on my LinkedIn company page and my LinkedIn profile.

  • Google Plus

An article from SearchEngineWatch showed that Singapore recorded the highest share of visits to Google+ in key Asia Pacific markets.

  • PinInterest

PinInterest has 96,000 users in Singapore.

Closing Thoughts

From an SEO standpoint, Google also indexes Facebook pages, Instagram pages, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn profiles, Tumblr blog posts and more. Let’s not forget that social media links are also a ranking factor in SEO. As an SEO consultant, I recommend all my readers and clients to have some form of social media presence (it helps, trust me).

With users up to the millions on these social media platofrms, taking up more than half of Singapore’s population, you’re losing out if you’re on these platforms. Jump on the social media freight train today and start leveraging on these platforms to drive sales and leads to your business.

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