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Sit Back and Rethink: Systems To Grow a Remarkable Business

Over the last month, I’ve gotten a couple requests from a couple of friends and family to handle their SEO campaign as an SEO consultant.

I charge a retainer fee for my SEO services and if those projects go through, it can take my income potentially to more than a full time degree holder in Singapore along side with my other project (also marketed with SEO).

Whilst I may be excited to get started on projects and increase my business revenue, I’m wary that I may fall into a rut.

That’s because, I knew if I didn’t have systems, I would burn out and I wouldn’t be building a truly remarkable business.

What do I mean by that?

To be honest, I don’t really enjoy performing SEO services for other companies, unless it’s for a much greater amount that I’m charging right now. There’s also so many nuances of digital marketing that I can value add as a consultant, hence, in my opinion, my clients are actually hiring me for more value than they are paying for.

That’s also because SEO takes a long time, it requires so much groundwork.

I actually prefer teaching SEO.

When I got into entrepreneurship, I mostly ignored business systems because I only focused on the marketing aspect of my business projects, however, as I get more requests, I’m going to have to sit back, rethink the systems involved. 

Business Systems 

Basically, business systems include how many company functions, from executives, freelancers, shareholders, investors and growth. It’s NOT just about hard work, it’s about systems.  

  • How am I going to manage different projects and different niches?
  • How am I going to communicate with all of them, through email? Through Telegram?
  • Is my client going to provide me with their content?
  • If I’m going to outsource content, what is the quality of content required?

Product Pricing

Every business needs to price their products RIGHT. It needs to be justifiable to the COST, TIME, EFFORT put in.

  • If I hired SEO consultants to help me with my projects, am I making enough money myself?
  • How many projects can an SEO consultant handle in a month?
  • Revenue: 2000 retainer fees X 3 projects = 6000 a month
  • Cost of consultant: 3000 a month
  • Is the cost of hiring justifiable? 

Business Positioning

If you’re in business, and you don’t asking yourself this question: how am I better and different from my comepetitors on a daily basis, you’re going to go out of business extremly fast. That’s the whole idea of positoning.

  • How can I raise prices, get lesser clients, and increase revenue?
  • How can I differentiate my SEO services?
  • The leaders in my industry charge 25000 – 60000 per project, how can I get there?
  • Can you innovate from the current framework that you are using?
  • Instead of a client/ customer relationship, are there potential collaborations that can come out of this arena?

Sit Back and Rethink 

Have you ever wondered why billionaires become billionaires? If you think they did it all by themselves, you’re wrong. They got there because they rely on systems, strategy and human capital to get the job done for them.

Warren Buffet proudly claims that he spends most of his days reading, as opposed to doing.

Ultimately, I don’t just see myself as an SEO consultant. I’m an entrepreneur. Digital marketing is merely a gateway into entrepreneurship.

It’s important for you sit back and rethink your business, as much as your digital marketing campaigns.

Eg. Can you better copy on your service pages be improved and optimized to improve conversions and lead generation?

Yes, you can.

You can always perform deep customer research. You can always hire a direct response copywriter.

There are many ways to go out optimizing, redoing and refining the many aspects of your business. Maybe you don’t need that many administrative staff as you required. Maybe there are overhead costs that aren’t required at all.

How can you increase profit, reduce cost, whilst keeping your customers and clients happy?

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