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Study the Masters to be Great at Digital Entrepreneurship

Study the Masters to be Great at Digital Entrepreneurship

You need to study the masters to get good at a certain area of life. There’s no better way to learn about a subject. Entrepreneurship is no different. When I started off, I refused to pay to learn. I thought you can learn almost everything from Google or YouTube itself.

However, that’s false. You may have scattered information, however, what you need is accountability, support and systems.

Over the years, I researched for mentors, systems and guidance to learn from both locally and the internet, there are good ones and there are the outright scams.

Here are Some of the Good Ones to Study to be Great at Digital Entrepreneurship

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Learn Digital Business Systems: GrowthLab

Growth lab is the digital marketing arm of Ramit Sethi’s online businesses. Their content is focused on building and growing online businesses, however, a lot of them can be applied to brick and mortar life entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

Favourite skillsets learned from Growthlab:

  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing

Ramit Sethi is also a master marketer, with one of his strengths being able to dive deeply into his customer’s mind to address their fears, hopes and dreams. He’s also a great business teacher. I’ve learned more from him in business and marketing in a couple of months than I ever did from my modules in business school.

Learn Top SEO Strategies: Backlinko

Brian Dean is one of the world’s foremost SEO expert. His site is ranked for extremely hard to rank for keywords such as: backlinks. Brian Dean is at the forefront of SEO, he practices what he preaches, by being able to rank for extremely hard to rank for keywords.

I like Brian because it goes to show that a one-man team can out manoeuvre many of the bigger websites by being smart, and producing the best content on a particular subject.

Unlike many other SEOs, he promotes the idea of a system. Something you can follow step by step to promote your content to other site owners, and not just random tactics that’ll lead you nowhere but tactical marketing hell.

Learn How to Write like a New York Times Best Seller: Mark Manson

There’s a lot that’s written and said about ‘content marketing’.

Great content marketing is almost always personalized. There’s no other more personalized content on the internet than Mark Manson himself. His content is full of F Bombs (in a funny way), and he shares extremely intimate stories from his own personal life.

He’s one of, if not the best writer on the internet, with a blog that drives millions and millions of readers every month.

For anyone that desires to write better, you can start out by checking out his blog. He writes on everything from psychology, habits and in your face self development advice.

Singaporean Mentors 

It’s hard to find a good local digital marketing mentor to follow in Singapore. That’s speaking from experience. That’s because most people do not publish their own content and ideas and the way they are going about digital marketing isn’t exactly ethical.

However, they are mentors that exist that are great at what they do. They are able to practice what they preach. They have Google-able results, validated testimonials and an all round clean reputation. These are the people you can study and learn from.

Note: I’m plugging myself here. However, it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want. I do run an SEO course in Singapore.

Study the Masters

I annoyingly refused to get help for a year straight when I started a blog when I was 22. I caved in only to find myself wasting thousands of dollars on SEO gurus that aren’t able to rank their own websites and gimmicky affiliate marketing scams.

I should have cut through the noise and got direct coaching from masters. It would have saved me years and years of effort, and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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