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The Guide to Working From Home to Twice Your Productivity

I went into the digital marketing space for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to have the freedom to manage projects off my laptop, Secondly, I also thought it’s a great way to save time and cost on transport. However, throughout the years, I made different adjustments to the ‘work from home’ lifestyle to keep myself active, fit, emotionally, psychologically and mentally.

The Time and Cost Saved When Working from Home

  • No colleagues

Advantages: You don’t waste time chit chatting on silly things. If you’re a one man operations, you don’t have to waste time on politics. It’s about fixing important KPIs and hitting it.

Disadvantages: You’re all your own. It gets lonely some times. Whilst others relax after work with an after work drinks, it’s on you to keep yourself social with others on your calendar.

  • Shorter traveling time

I started off working from home, however, I realized that home isn’t a good location to work out from. That’s because of some psychological barrier I myself face. It could be because I’m living with parents, or because I’m undisciplined at home.

I found myself a lot more productive at coffee shops such as Starbucks.

So yes, I save a lot of time on commute because I pick a Starbucks that’s nearer to my place. However, when it comes to meeting clients, I share a meeting room with an already operating business. You can negotiate, value add to their organization and broker out a deal that’s a win-win.

The Psychology of Working from Home: How to Master the Art of Working from Home

  1. Working in Short Bursts

It’s researched that the best way to be productive is to work on short sprints, no long, drawn out marathon sessions.

  1. Strictly keeping to project deadlines and due dates 

I used to have a military boss that only allowed his staff to leave 530pm on the dot even though many times, the job was done by 3-4pm. The one-and-a-half-hour wastage daily compounded to hours and hours of inefficient usage of time.

However, if you’re an entrepreneur working from home, you get to reduce inefficiencies, dictate your own life. However, on the other hand, you MUST strictly keep to project deadlines and due dates. That’s the only way your business and life will be functional because you have so much freedom in your lifestyle.

  1. Exercise

It’s important to schedule in exercise, a swim, a gym session when working from home. Because your desk is your office, you’re pretty much going to be really immobile for hours and hours. Exercise helps you keep fit and mentally sharp.

Fun fact: I gained a total of 5 kilograms ever since I started ‘working from home’. 

  1. Planning Out Social activities

Working from home can be quite isolating. Scheduling social activities in your calendar weekly is crucial to keeping yourself emotionally fulfilled.

This is extremely important for me. If your friends can’t relate to your ideas, I recommend joining entrepreneurial conferences, events and more. 

  1. Knowing When to Call it quits for the day

It’s entirely up to me how much I want to work for the day. I can go on till late at night, I can come home and continue working on a project. There’s no boss to ask me what to do, there’s no boss to tell me to stop doing it.

Human productivity diminished after a certain period of time. When you take time off to invest in other areas of your life, you’re actually helping with your productivity in the long run.

People That Work from Home 

In Singapore, it’s not really common to hear of employers allowing their employees to work from home.

However, people that work from home are mostly:

Consultants with Skills in Demand

  • SEO consultants
  • Digital marketing consultants
  • Web design consultants
  • Email marketing consultants
  • Copywriting consultants
  • Social media consultants
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners

They are a group of people attempting the ‘new rich’, someone who define success as doing what you want, from wherever you want, and on your own terms.

These group of people often have skills that are high in demand. There’s a research from Stanford business school that suggests that people are happier and more productive when working from home.

Or, if you’re someone that desires to partake in the ‘new rich’ lifestyle, what skills can you acquire to help you reach this lifestyle?

Personally, I’ve deeply invested in digital marketing courses from entrepreneurial courses to SEO courses over the last 6 years, so that I can reach this lifestyle.

What can you do?

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