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Think Like a CEO – Minimize Your Costs while Getting Customers 01

Think Like a CEO – Minimize Your Costs while Getting Customers

For half a decade, I shifted around the identity of a student, entrepreneur and freelancer.

In all honesty, I was insecure of what I could achieve, by downplaying myself, procrastinating on my projects. I deleted my projects months after months of investing efforts into them, thinking that they would not turn out well despite investing years and tens of thousands into my entrepreneurial education.

This is why:

The psychology of growing a business is equally as important than the skillsets required to run a business itself.

Think Like a CEO – Minimize Your Costs while Getting Customers

When I was a freelance SEO consultant in Singapore, I often got pushed around by my clients. It’s not enough to be a freelancer and compete on price. It’s almost impossible. You need to be different in the way you present your proposal and pitch.

It was close to impossible.  

However, I wasn’t thinking like a CEO. I was thinking from a freelancer perspective. I wasn’t thinking from a business perspective. My sales pitch was poor, and I couldn’t drive my point across.

It’s important to learn from the best, read from the best and surround yourself with the best.

Here’s an interview transcript from someone I respect, and learnt from personally:

Think Like a CEO – Minimize Your Costs while Getting Customers 01


From this interview, you can tell that the most important aspect of business is customers, you need to get customers to purchase your services. No matter your industry is.

Keeping Cost Low 

Here’s another golden nugget:

Think Like a CEO – Minimize Your Costs while Getting Customers 02

If one of the top agencies in Singapore operates out of a co-working space when starting out, why shouldn’t you minimize your start up cost?

I often hear of entrepreneurs start out with huge start up costs: fancy offices, printers, staff and unnecessary costs.

When I was a freelancer, I operated out of Starbucks daily. That’s a $7 per day rent, and $210 per month, inclusive of a cup of warm coffee daily.

In fact, I’m writing this article out of Starbucks.

Secondly, aside from lower your costs and investing in your marketing campaigns. You’ll need to differentiate yourself from the market.

Figure Out Your Positioning Every Single Day

There’s a question I ask myself everyday. How can I be different and better than everyone in the market?

Why would someone learn SEO from me in my SEO course as opposed to my competitors? How can I serve my customers in a way that my competition can’t?

Here are some ideas that you can steal:

  • Copywriting

Yes, you get your traffic from Google. What’s next? It’s to converting those traffic to paying customers. Writing great copy allows that.

Just so you know: I plan to get really good at copywriting.

  • Positioning

The majority of SEO companies are happy to promise Google page 1 rankings for $500 a month.

I’ll never do that.

Here’s what I’ll tell my clients:

  • I’m building you your twenty-four seven salesman that’ll serve you for years and years after, you’ll have to pay premium for that
  • If you aren’t able to afford my SEO services, I recommend going for my SEO course. I teach everything from SEO to copywriting to positioning in my courses.
  • I only serve clients that value my work. Serve the few, great clients. I’ve had troublesome clients in the past. Some times, it’s not worth the work and the money.

Lastly, how can I position myself as a luxury brand? Ever wondered why people pay $7 for a cup of Starbucks?

It’s not that hard to figure.

Branding and brilliant positioning. It’s the attention to details, the lights are slightly deemed, there’s free Wi-Fi, the smell of coffee isn’t too heavy, how Starbucks coffee shops are designed. They are a constant all around the world.

They give you an experience that no other coffee shop brands can give you.

Wow, you never thought how everyday occurrences can be applied to digital marketing right?

Now you know. It’s up to you to minimize your cost, differentiate yourself from the market, and get paying customers.


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