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Thoughts on How SEO is Practiced in Singapore

I’m always fascinated by how SEO is practiced in Singapore, and have some unique thoughts about it.

This is partly because I’m always interested how can I outsmart my competition.

Search engine optimization currently still a wild wild west scene in Singapore. Some people use methods such as the purchase of links, some use grey hat methods, some create kick ass content and etc.

This is coming from someone who has attended SEO courses from two well known gurus in Singapore. I’ve also tracked the backlink profiles of many of my competitors, from SEO agencies, SEO consultants to digital marketing agencies.

Purchase of Backlinks/ Unethical Methods

Firstly, I’m convinced that the majority of SEO is done through the purchase of backlinks, through private blog networks and etc.

This is because there isn’t really a back linking culture in Singapore. We just don’t have it. We don’t do guest posts. There aren’t many bloggers (if not at all) in different niches.

This is why some SEO agencies often reach out the bloggers in unrelated niches to do a product placement or guest post, and then placing their keywords in the content, linking back to their site.

This is utterly tedious. Why do all that liaising work when you can simply purchase links?

Grey Hat Methods

Secondly, you have the grey hat methods, such as page rank sculpting, page rank passing (including anchor text links in your footer) and getting one client to link to another, hence, passing ‘page rank’.

This is a method that’s commonly used amongst SEO agencies.

It’s an unfortunate thing that bloggers, agencies and platforms do not really have back linking culture here in Singapore. However, content is more and more becoming a huge factor in some sites such as The Smart Local, e27.CO and etc.

The Future of SEO: Content Marketing, Right Information, Right Structure and Persuasive Content

The future of SEO is going to be much more holistic going forward. Google is merely going to get smarter.

I personally think SEOs in Singapore should pay attention to:

For local SEO in Singapore, I don’t think you need to create an ultimate guide, promote it like hell, just to get ranked for some keywords. Proper content, relevant backlinks from directories, media outlets, and the right UX and site structure can go far in helping you increase site traffic and most importantly, conversions.

I hope to write more about my thoughts on SEO/ digital marketing in Singapore, and how all of us can improve as an industry.

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