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Tools You Need for Web Development

Tools You Need for Web Development – Should You Pay Premium?

Since my target market are small medium enterprises in Singapore who are looking to market their services on Google, I often get objectifications from business owners of small medium enterprises on the overheads of a website.

That’s understandable, I used to be like that. I used to scrimp on my website services. When I started out, I hosted my domain in the United States and didn’t pay for an email subscription until much later.

Look, your website is your twenty-four-seven salesman. If you have a salesman that works for you 7 days a week, twenty-four seven round the clock even when you sleep, you sure as hell should be investing in him right?

The Wrong Mindset: Scrimping on Services

Reliability and support is priceless when it comes to dry, technical stuff like hosting, domain names, WordPress and etc. What you want to pay for is support. Look, I’m not a tech guy. In fact, I don’t like dealing with tech, I like my website and services I use to be as intuitive as possible.

However, it’s inevitable that you’re going to deal with some technical issues when you’re exploring digital marketing. Whenever I have questions about hosting/security, I want to be able to reach somebody and have my problems solved within a couple of days or two. You’ll be surprised that these problems arise at all the wrong times when running your business.

For Eg. If you’re closing a million-dollar deal and your website is down, you’ll need quick resolution and answers.

Tools You Need for Web Development: Services I Recommend

These are services that I use and recommend to all of my clients and students.

Hosting & Domain Name:

I started off with blue host, which is an American host. However, due to the time difference, I had to stay up till 4am in Singapore to get some of my questions answered. I changed to Vodien, a Singaporean host. You can get a basic plan for $10SGD a month.

I also purchase my domain name from Vodien. Yes, there are cheaper/ better options. However, I prefer just dealing with one service provider. I can login to my control panel in Vodien and have access all these information at one go.

Mobile Friendly Themes:

I started off using Elegant themes. They charge a yearly membership and their themes are often well designed.

I also used Genesis Framework. They include the option of using a child theme, which is great for more advanced WordPress users.

These themes are mobile friendly from the get go.

Email Subscription:

I started off using Aweber. However, I much preferred the UX of Mailchimp and hence I made the switch. The subscription is around 10+USD per month.

The Right Psychology

The majority of business owners I meet are worried about their products or services as opposed to marketing their products or services.

There is a huge difference here.

They don’t see their website as a need or as an avenue to reach out to customers or clients. This isn’t the right mindset when it comes to marketing or building a website.

  • You’re investing in your business

The upfront cost web hosting, domain name and purchasing a theme can be surprising. However, getting good service providers can save you countless hours of navigating technical issues in the future.

  • Don’t over bargain with your service providers

Instead of spending time and effort bargaining every nickel and dime with your service providers, spend your time growing your business instead.

  • Reliability is priceless

Cheaper services may save you $10 a month until you run into problems. Imagining scoring a guest post on a major publication, your website crashes and your service provider can’t handle the traffic. Those couple of extra bucks can cost you thousands of traffic in dollars in revenue. It’s worth it to pay a little extra and sleep well at night.

Don’t be Cheap with Yourself and Your Services Mindset

I serve my clients and students to my utmost best as an SEO consultant and in my SEO courses. I’m not some random dirt cheap Indian SEO firm that guarantees you page one rankings for cheap. Hence, I won’t be cheap with with my website and my business either.

If you offer premium services on your end, there’s no reason why you should be cheap with your own business.

When you aren’t cheap with yourself (or your website), you’ll be able to position yourself as someone that offers a premium service and hence charge a premium price. I never ever compete on price. Whenever a client tells me: why are you charging higher than your competitor? Why can’t you match his price? I turn them down.

Remember, don’t scrimp on your website, who is your twenty-four-seven salesman, working for you 365 days a year. When you aren’t with your business, you won’t have to be cheap with your services and clients either.

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