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What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing and Why is It Important in 2018?

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools in both marketing and in business. I once spent 50 dollars purchasing a domain name and website in total and I sold a $700 in person coaching course.

There’s nothing like this in the history of mankind.

This is why I spent the last 4 years, investing into SEO courses, digital marketing skillets, copywriting and more. It’s also one of most undervalued areas in business. No, digital marketing is not cheap. However, it’s because of the low barrier to entry that most service providers under cut each other.

There’s a difference:

  • Weebly VS WordPress
  • Cheap Indian SEO firms VS SEO consultants with Google-able results
  • Custom tailored content VS $5 per article outsourced content on Upwork

This is why I don’t open up my digital marketing services to most clients. I am extremely selective with my clients.

What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is anything you do online to:

  1. Grab attention
  2. Drive people to your website
  3. Convince those people to join your email list, buy your product, or download your app

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is measurable. Which means you can identify what’s working, do more of it, and stop wasting time campaigns that don’t work. In corporate boardrooms all across the world, marketing executives still look at their marketing budgets and ask:

  • How many people actually watched our TV commercial?
  • When we sponsored the football team, is there really any ‘brand capital’ built?
  • How’s the response to our thousand-dollar ad on the front page of the weekly newspaper?

However, mostly, it’s expensive.

The cost per spot is $175 for 5 seconds in Singapore.

However, digital marketing, on the other hand, is measurable, inexpensive, easy to test and pivot.

Common Mistakes People Make with Digital Marketing

I often get feedback from business owners saying: why can’t you do it like SEO consultants or companies? Why is YOUR SEO package more expensive? I know for sure that he or she hasn’t taken the time and effort to study how powerful digital marketing is.

I often turn down projects from potential clients like that. I’m not some cheap Indian SEO firm that promises high rankings for $500 a month. I also know they are just going to give up on SEO a couple of months later when they do hire some cheap Indian SEO firm because it isn’t going to work, and they are going to feel scammed.

That is the first mistake that people make with digital marketing. They think it’s this cheap, scammy solution that you purchase off some dingy freelancer or SEO firm. Wrong. Digital marketing is an art and a science in itself.

Okay, secondly, the majority of digital marketing begins with traffic. When it comes to driving traffic to your website, there is one common mistake:

Spamming the Internet with Traffic Strategies:

  • Creating a Facebook page, sharing your page, and tagging others, hoping customers will find you.
  • Tweeting
  • LinkedIn Networking (What the hell?)
  • Purchasing a website from a website agency for $4000 and spent the next 6 months adding photos having it beautifully designed

There’s be some ‘guru’ out there these are the ONLY ways to make money: get on board or you’ll be left behind!

The result is that we spend our time (and sometimes our money) haphazardly chasing the “next big thing” in digital marketing. This guide is designed to help you avoid what I call “marketing tactical hell.”

Not Being Methodical and Deliberate

  • Doing your deep customer research way ahead of time using online tools
  • Planning your content, keywords way ahead of time
  • Tracking your traffic and user behavior
  • Being calm, methodical and deliberate in your approach

Neither of these plans ever works. So, how can you shut the noise and actually find paying customers for your business?

There are many ways to drive traffic to your site, such as Facebook advertising or pay per click.

However, just by focusing on a just one key strategy can take a small website that nobody reads and turn it into a revenue generating business. I know because that’s what I did.

However, in this guide, I’ll show you how to be strategic about one key strategy. You’ll discover how to start with the fundamentals, and scale up as you grow.

We’ll talk about one strategy that work:

  • Front loading your work and doing deep customer research
  • Figure out your commercially valuable keywords
  • Craft content that people want
  • Optimize it for Google
  • Drive traffic, track traffic, convert them to sales

The majority of us will never craft a viral post that brings in hundreds of traffic. True growth comes from deliberately creating a consistent flow of traffic to your website. That’s because:

  • The more you get found on Google, the more traffic you have
  • Higher traffic creates more readers
  • More readers mean more sales!

So Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

Why should you get in digital marketing for yourself or your business. Well, fristly, you don’t have to worry about hiring actors, video directors and worry about an ad that you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on, on television.

Secondly, with these low cost digital marketing strategies, more sales can open up more doors in your business. You can hire a team to free up your time, you can develop better products and services for your customers. You can also invest in better software, technology such as Https certificates, CRM systems and more.

Who are the Experts I Study?

So, who are the experts I study in digital marketing?

When it comes to writing, I go to popular personal development writer Mark Manson. He’s one of the best writers on the internet. When it comes to marketing and business advice, I go to Ramit Sethi. His business systems, philosophy and copywriting advice is golden. When it comes to SEO advice, I go to Brian Dean. He managed to outrank huge sites such as Wikipedia, and guess what, he started off as a one-man outfit.

Digital marketing isn’t some scammy Indian SEO firm annoying you in your inbox, or ‘freelancers trying make a quick buck off you’, it’s an art and science in itself, that requires a methodical and calculated process.

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